Mr Janvier Jacques, there is any chance we cav give a...

Monel - February 26 2012, 4:48 PM

Mr Janvier Jacques, there is any chance we cav give a paranoiac like Martely who no respect for Haitian people.That enough Martely in his last minute to get out the power.

First level, this government have lot of scandals like corruption, thieves,drugs.If you remember the miniter of foreign affairs Mr Laurent Lamothe said the Colombian don't need visas now to enter haiti.why after one month later, DEA got the biggest cocain's seised since 2007.More than 30 tons of cocains was seised last week by DEA and national's police.

In that seise, one Colombian and one haitian was arrested in close government member's house in Tabarre, they keep silence on the house's person identity.

acconding a source close to national's police who keep anonyma.

That's enough.time being for haitian people to take a step on its destiny.ABA vakabon, ABA tout dile drug, ABA vole, ABA koripsyon.

VIV odit sou 300 milyon dola kontra mal pou wont lan.VIV HAITI.

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it's too early to be deceived from political...

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