Possible Replacements for Haiti Prime Minister Garry Conille

In case you are wondering who could be Haiti's next Prime Minister after the resignation of Garry Conille, I have to names for you:

President Michel Martelly In Little Haiti Miami

The Associated Press reports...

At least two candidates were being considered as a replacement, including Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Lamothe and Ann-Valerie Milfort, the interim head of the now-defunct Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, according to a government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information.

I wonder what senator Moise Jean Charles has to say about this... LOL...

So who do you think will it be:

Laurent Lamothe? or... Ann-Valerie Milfort?

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Joseph Oleus says...

that the life in haiti if they dont like you you have to move on with your life orther wise you get kill but i know lavalas is behind all the wrong thing that is going on in

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Joe Gerard Dieudonne says...

for me i don't think the Parliament need to fight over how & when they're gonna vote for the next Prime Minister.

Whoever will be the nominate, should get a chance to debate in his or her case atleast ONE WEEK.Can we wait for these guys in the Parliament to call their sons & daughters for advices, no i don't think so.Look over the condition of the country.,how far we're now and how much times do we have to deal with certain problems.

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