Rodrigue, It seems as if you have stumbled across something...

Ronald Altieri - February 25 2012, 9:24 AM


It seems as if you have stumbled across something that the whole world would want to know about.

Just few days ago Martelly and his gang put large sum of monies on the offshore banks in Panama and Curacao.

When exactly did this happen - what day and what time?

What are the names of the members of his gang handling that money?

Was it US cash or Haitian dollars - how much was it?

Where did they drive this money from - his house or from somewhere else?

How did they get it to Panama and Curacao - by plane or boat?

What are the names of the banks that accepted this money in Panama and Curacao?

Why don't call CNN or MSNBC to reveal those secrets that you know about this affair - the whole world and Haitian natikon would like to know what you know.

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Do you mean that Haiti is on a path toward disaster...

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