Haiti - PHTK Militans criticizing President Jovenel Moise for abandoning them

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation - Zonbi PHTK yo pran lari a
The opposition is not the only entity standing against President Jovenel Moise, his partisans are also criticizing him for abandoning ship. A group of PHTK militants went on radio today, Thursday, to call on President Jovenel Moise to pull himself together.

If the president don't have a good team, he will not be able to deliver on his promised, one Militant said. People to worked hard to help president Jovenel Moise become president but, like the saying goes, "Bourik finn travay, chwal ap galonnen."

A year had gone by and President Jovenel Moise has done nothing for those who worked the hardest to put him in power. Many militants are complaining, they are planning to do a sit-in in Petionville in the coming days.

President Jovenel favors all the Senators and Deputes in parliament, and the Rich who invested in his campaign, the militant said, but all those who gave all their energy campaigning and protesting against President Privert to keep Jovenel Moise in the election, these grassroots militants are still in the streets because President Jovenel abandoned all of them.

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Patrick Princivil Lajan Petrocaribé a nan men épi yap pasé moun nan bétiz, jou va jou vyen.
Reply · March 15 at 9:16 PM
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Subject: Haiti - PHTK Militans criticizing President Jovenel Moise for abandoning them edit

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