Haiti: President Jovenel Moise decides to reshuffle the government, Journalist says

Finally, President Jovenel Jovenel has decided to reshuffle the Haitian government, according to a tweet from Journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles (GPPC) of radio Scoop FM.

Haiti - PHTK Militans criticizing President Jovenel Moise for abandoning them

The opposition is not the only entity standing against President Jovenel Moise, his partisans are also criticizing him for abandoning ship. A group of PHTK militants went on radio today, Thursday, to call on President Jovenel Moise to pull himself together.

Haiti Election : ARISTIDE vs MARTELLY, who would win? Kiles ki tap genyen?

QUESTION: If there was an election in Haiti today, Jean Bertrand Aristide vs. Michel Martelly who do you think would win?

UPDATE: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan KEP a Jodi a

Haiti News Flash... Politics -- Porte Parole PHTK a, Rudy Heriveaux konfirme Candidat a la presidence yo a Jovenel Moise ap prezante li nan local KEP a Jodi menm pou li konfirme patisipation li nan reprise elections presidentiel la...

FLASH: Haiti Elections - PHTK Launches "Operation 2eme Tour"

Haiti Elections Update -- In a press conference Wednesday, PHTK Launches its new "Operation 2eme Tour..." Same mobilization, same determination, same solidarity to get Jovenel Moise to the National Palace, says porte-parole Rudy Heriveaux...

FLASH: Haiti - JOVENEL Moise will confirm his paticipation in the elections do-over Today

Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president JOVENEL Moise will be confirming his paticipation in the elections do-over Today, Wednesday...

Haiti - Shots Fired at the Residence of Maissade Depute Louis Romel Beauge

The residence of a Haitian lawmaker, Depute Louis Romel Beauge of Maissade, was riddled with bullets early morning Sunday while he was in the house sleeping.

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin could JOIN Jovenel Moise and PHTK in the Streets

Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for president Jovenel Moise and his PHTK political party are not the only ones concerned about the elections... Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH also shares these concerns... They are even talking about JOINT street protests, LAPEH and PHTK in the streets together against Privert...

AUDIO: Haiti - Reynold Georges di: Je suis AVEC JOVENEL Moise Tet Kale

Haiti Politics AUDIO - Maitre Reynold Georges di Liliane Pierre Paul: "Je Suis avec Jovenel Moise." Oui... Menm Reyonld Georges ki te kont elections, ki tap mache avek Edmonde Suplice Beauzile la, jodi a, se dèyè kandida Jovenel Moise li kanpe... Tande sa...

Haiti Manifestation - PHTK Pran Lari pou mande Election, Yo mete Plis Moun deyo

Haiti Manifestation Update -- Pati Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) pran lari Port-au-Prince jounen Mardi 12 Avril la pou mande piblikasyon calendrier electoral la... Yo mete PLIS moun deyo, dapre yon jounalis radio Signal FM...