Haiti : Gary Bodeau, Chamber of Deputes President, renews his fight for Haitian Consumer Rights

Haiti's Chamber of Deputies president Gary Bodeau renewed his commitment in the fight for the respect of the rights of the Haitian consumers by joining, this Wednesday, March 14, the launch of the 1st International Symposium on the Problem of Consumption in Haiti at the Hotel Le Plaza.

Haiti Depute Gary Bodeau
Haiti Depute Gary Bodeau

This first conference was organized by the Active Solidarity to the Fight of the Haitian Consumers (SALCOHN) in prelude to the World Day of the rights of the Consumers, this 15 of March.

President Gary Bodeau - Lancement du 1e Colloque International sur la Problématique de la Consommation en Haiti

Several personalities were present including the Haitian Minister of Commerce and Industry, writers Fred Brutus and Gary Victor, former Education Minister, Professor Nesmy Manigat, former Secretary of State Herold Israel and the senior journalist Remarais Jean-Baptiste, all responded to this great first.

The issue of consumer rights has long been a taboo in Haiti. To join together to this end requires a lot of courage, President Gary Bodeau said in his remarks of circumstance to the members of the association.

Professor Nesmy Manigat, guest of honor at this symposium, reminded everyone that we can not be competitive on the international market without the desire to meet at least the requirements of consumers.

This premiere was also an opportunity for the two main spokespersons of the movement, Yvenert F, Joseph and Israel Jacky Cantave to congratulate the fight started last year against the display prices in dollars the Port-au-Prince an surrounding cities. The Haitian government has recently issued a circular demanding the payment in gourdes of all transactions taking place on the national territory.

The Chamber of Deputies voted last year, the bill for the protection of consumer rights that is currently at the level of the Senate. President Gary Bodeau, already noted in his fight with the Haitian mobile phone companies to respect the quality of service, took the opportunity to renew his commitment to the people and organized groups involved in this fight.

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Subject: Haiti : Gary Bodeau, Chamber of Deputes President, renews his fight for Haitian Consumer Rights edit

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