Official - Laurent Lamothe QUITS as Prime Minister of Haiti

It's Official, Laurent Lamothe has officially submitted his resignation as Prime Minister of Haiti... Lamothe says: "Mwen deside aswè a remèt bay President Martelly demission mwen nan tèt Gouvenman an... Ansanm avek tout Minis yo... Nou prale... Nou Prale... Nou prale avek yon santiman ke nou fè tout sa nou te kapab..."

Laurent Lamothe giving his resignation speech, 13 December 2014


"I have decided to submit my resignation tonight to President Michel Martelly as the head of his government, together with all the ministers, we are leaving, we are leaving, we are leaving with feeling that we did the very best we could..."

What did Lamothe say in his speech?

He thanked every Haitian from the bottom of his heart, he says...

"Everywhere we to in the country the people always say the same thing... Keep working to move Haiti forward..."

"We did things that has never been done before... so all Haitians could be proud to be Haitian."

"It is my love for my country that made me word so hard to make Haiti a better place... We all know how bad it was back in 2010, we found a country that was broken down to its bones... "

"There were over a million people under tents after the earthquakes, tents everywhere. We worked really hard to get these people out"

"This is how it all started in a country broken and destroyed... but we can say today that after 31 months of hard work that progress has been made..."

The prime minister spoke about all the programs he created like Edepep which benefits over 2 million people nationwide... He gave a lot of numbers about everything the government has accomplished for the people.

"Haiti is one the safest country in the Caribbean... that's why there are now more investments, more tourism... We reduced criminality by 50% since 2010... We fought Kidnapping... We fought corruption and contraband..."

"Lots more needs to be done but we all agree progress has been made... Investments increased by 54% since 2010... We see them, we see more people working. We see more industrial parks."

"In agriculture alone we attracted more than $500 Million dollars investments in the private sector... We have increased agricultural production in the country by 30%"

Laurent Lamothe spoke about Relationship with Venezuela, the Dominican republic, he spoke about all the sports and recreation parks built in the country, tourism. etc...

700 km of roads, rehabilitation and construction of 20 bridges, 4 airports, 2 ports, 200 health infrastructures, 400 community restaurants... All to serve the people...

"The president and I, everywhere we went, we spoke about Haiti, the new Haiti, the Haiti that is in our hearts, the Haiti we want respected, the Haiti we to put on a new level... we went to defend the interest of the country..."

"We all know that there cannot be development without political stability... this is very important to us... it requires sacrifice..."

"My fellow Haitians, beyond all these realizations, if this is what must be done in order to restore stability in the country, I have decided to submit my resignation to president Martelly as the head of the government... together with all the ministers, we are leaving, we are leaving, we are leaving with feeling that we did the very best we could..."

What do you think about that?

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Richard says...

I have always lamented the fact that we do not have honest, capable, competent, and honest people at the head of government.

We finally get one, one who is not in government because he needs job or money but because he is serious about managing the country back to respectability.

What do we do?

we force him

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Yanick Florus says...

I am so sad and very disappointed that Laurent Lamothe is leaving along with his ministers.

I felt so safe going back and forth to Haiti.



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Paul Szostak says...

I have been in Haiti for the last three and a half years with an ong. Been here a lot over last twenty years.

More has been accomplished under martelly.

lamothe than all the administrations put together including papa doc. Clinton is right saying Haiti fe aksidan by pushing lamothe out. What or who is going to replace him. Now we will see what the loudmouth manifesters do. Why couldn't they have waited for martelly to finish his term. This is stupid and sad. And what was the real motivation behind it?

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Heric says...

se Selman nan fome government provisoir pou ampil nan ansyen politicians haiti trouve job koulie yap pare pouyal fe lajan min nan election peuple la pral bayo kane yo God bless Haiti and punish all the bad

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Smaigne says...

antouka kom nou we kek gren moun yo peye ap manifeste tout la jounen, kom nou we yo pa kon sa yo vle antouka nap tan ou an 2016 pou pezidan peyi

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Nene Levasseur says...

You did in a few years what others didn't do in decades.

Everything happens for a reason, you made history, mark my

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Gabriel says...

Here's Haiti biggest problem, the majority never stand ups to claim what theirs and what they really want, the let the minority decide for them. Do you know why " Paske se vagabon ki fe manifestation " moun debyen gadel nan TV " tthey would rather seat home and say "this is wrong " that is why we're falling behind.

We all have to stand up to fight for what we believe, because " force se nan l'union li

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Jack P says...

Se kouliya la malare ak malerez apwal rele mize nan peyi sa. Jan Ayiti gen kreten nan gouvenans, kreten nan administre, kreten nan bay sevis pou moun. Mapwal founi jem poum gade saltenbank.

Ayiti pa gen dwa gen yon Premie Minis tankou Laurent Lamothe

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Jay says...

LAMORTE te yon pwemier minis gin rinmin peyi l yon sel bagay mw ap fel songe yo ka mandel pou kite place pwemier minis la min yo pa ka retirer lanmo ak passion li gin nan kel pou advancement d Haiti.

Mw ta rinmin l songe deniers pawol Toussaint di a van l te pati pou exile.

Courage, an n ou considerer tout sa poko la fin nap rele yo dificulte min dans la min Ayiti ap

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Jay says...

Aristide pate yon move pwezidan commencement .yo te jwe nan yet li e li te rinmin pouvwa yo del vini devni konsa.

Se min m jan di Marttely pa pwan byen yap jwe nan tet li tou pou yo fe tout moun pa vle wel.

An swiv pou we sa yap fe paske anpil moun ginpwoblem le yo we Ayiti so

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