Haiti Manifestation - "VIV Putin ABA Obama," Protestors are Chanting in the streets...

There is Manifestation currently in progress in Port-au-Prince Haiti. "Anti-government protesters in #Haiti singing Viv Putin, Aba @BarackObama (Long live Putin, Down with Obama). #Haiti," Tweets Jacqueline Charles, a reporter for the Miami Herald...

Manifestation Haiti 13 Dec 2014

This is an actual photo the Miami Herald reporter posted below her tweet. it shows agents of CIMO trying to keep the protestors at bay while they have photos of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, raised sky high...

It this a way for them to upset the American Authorities?

Can protest in Haiti become a USA Vs Russia thing?

"Yes, Russian President has joined the protests here in Haiti as anti-government protesters carry his photo," Jacqueline Charles...

Hmmm... Rete Banche pitit... Listwa saa genyen plisye chapit ki poki ekri...

What do you think?

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James says...

Envan c pou yo dim konbyen Haityen kape viv Russia, ki sa Russia fe pou yo deja, si Vladimir Putin ta voye yon firms.

Construction en Haiti pou craze et rebati peyi, nou te ka rele viv Putin pou yon

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Gabriel says...

When you think this cannot get any worse, well, it does

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Etienne says...

I think my brothers and sisters are making the biggest mistake of their lives, other countries are using em to get what they wants and we gonna stay where we at or get

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. Give thanks and praises for sharing.

I think that this is a great development because the Russians and the Cubans and perhaps the Chinese are the only nation states with strong enough defense system who might be willing to work with Haitians so that they can maintain or regain their sovereignty.


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Fedler says...

Ils sont vraiment stupide de faire une chose pareille cela ns prouve que ces cafards ne sont la pour detruire ce qui sont entrain de construire en haiti.

Ils veulent diviser le pays comme l'ukraine qu'ils aillent aux

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Robert Hans Elysee says...

Stupidious! What had Russia ever done for Haiti.Does Putin and his people give a damn about Haitians?

Were Russians there to help Haiti during the earthquake of 2010?

Let us not confuse of Haitians who got nothing in their brains with those that do.You have those that jump like monkeys because some are monkeys see and monkeys do and true ones that do not, true patriotic

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Moun X Sou Facebook says...

Vlé pa vlé fok michel mateli ak laurent gagotte ale...

The despot-mercenary michel martelly was imposed upon us by hilary clinton and the unpopular obama.

Bill Clinton embargoed the legitimate Jean Bertrand Aristide administration while financing the opposition that was, then, against Aristide, which, in essence, culminated into the problems we have now. Bill Clinton should just focus on his initiative and let us remove the trash(ti-simone) that his wife and the unpopular obama shoved into the palais national.

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Patrick Gaspard says...

I think we are sinking in total confusion.

Be carefully Felow citizens! Theirs must be some underground manipulation.

The Soviet Union no longer exist.

Russia is now capitalist power just like the US. Putin does't have the least interest in Haiti.Let's stop being a crowd of

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