OEA says Haiti's Presidential Election is Valid!

The (OAS OEA) declares that Haiti's presidential election should be considered valid...

This is according to an article published today on the Wall Street Journal...

Were you wondering what the International community thinks about the November 28 2010 Haiti elections?

Wonder no more...

What will the candidates do now?

, head of the election observer mission to Haiti from the OAS says...

"As serious as some of the irregularities were, they did not invalidate the electoral process..."

So... Ladies and gentlemen... I the name of James Brown... The Haitian government is now singing...

"" LOL

(video not available)

"SO Good... So Good... I GOT YOU... LOL..."

I guess in the days to come, the Next president of Haiti will be announced.


Most of the candidates called for an annulment... What do you think will happen now???

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Toulimen says...

Ce sont les perdants candidats qui ont payes des voteurs pour saboter le processus electoral.

Alors il faut compter les bulletins et respecter le choix populaire comme l'a declare Marthely.

Ce dernier ne sera pas president meme s'il pense se rejouir de tres tot des resultats des urnes en sa faveur.

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Gabby says...

Please, cease your negative comments! We do not need our own people to bring us down anymore than the world is doing.

I think you meant to say that once again we proved that we are still allowing outsiders to influence what goes on in our country, not that we are incapable.

Get your facts

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Mena Moreau says...

The Haitian government can sing how good they feel all they want. The rest of the world is looking at us pitifully as the little country who could NEVER get it right and who is always in somewhat of a chaotic mode.
Yep, we have done once more. We proved to the world one more time how incapable we

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