Time Magazine Haiti Post-Election Headline Reads: "Outrage Over a SELECTION"

Read this from Time Magazine... "In Haiti, there is an ongoing joke that the democratic process is not known as an election but a SELECTION... On Sunday, the level of irregularities, reports of violence at voting centers and overall probability of voter fraud simply contributed to the notion"

Mezanmi... Se sa Time Magazine ekri sou eleksyon 28 novemb 2010 an Haiti...

... For most of election day, chaos seemed to rule....

... In a high school in Pétionville... it felt more like the last day of school than election day...

Bon fout!

Men kisa Time Magazine ekri...

What do you think?

Do you think they are being too harsh??? Hmmmm???

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Guy Comeau says...

This is every bit of what I was expecting and more...When Jean Bertrand Aristide said in his recent interview there "will not be an election but a selection"; I knew that it was all over but the

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Victor Jean-pierre says...

I wasn't expecting any thing less !What a shame.The entire world was watching and we deliver that?

For once, a part of me believed that yesterday, we were on our way to do something better this

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Subject: Time Magazine Haiti Post-Election Headline Reads: "Outrage Over a SELECTION" edit

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