FLASH... Is Michel Martelly Is Claiming Victory?

Breaking News - Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky Held a press conference earlier today announcing that that he may be the winner of the November 28 elections in Haiti.

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky

Here is exactly what I read in an article on the Wall Stree Journal...

"One leading contender, popular rap singer-turned-politician Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly, held a news conference on Monday to announce that he was the likely victor - though a day earlier he had called for the vote to be suspended. He didn't say how he reached his conclusion."

The WSJ also quoted Sweet Micky as saying:

"The Haitian people made their choice. We request that the (election authority) respect the choice of the population."

So now... I have a question for you...

Assuming that Michel Martelly is really the winner... Considering that himself and 11 other candidates called for the cancellation of the election just yesterday (Sunday), do you believe that the other 11 will just fall back and accept their new leader?

What if it's not Micky?

What if it's Jude Celestin?

Then what?

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Yvon Dorismond says...

Il ne suffit pas de vouloir changer une societe, un pays ou une nation, il faut un projet de societe qui incarne ce changement.

Quel est le projet de societe du candidat

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Patcheko... says...


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Jorie says...

I don't want Micky to be my President.

He is not qualified to represent this nation.

Haitian people, what we do with our values?

Why going to school or sending our children to school?

Its not about being a fan of micky but its about this

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Abel Faroul says...

For your information it's not michel martelly who's claiming victory, its the haitian people who said they won the election on nov 28.

Martelly he's not a winner, The Haitian people is, michel martelly is the president.

Preval and celestin denied wyclef's candidacy the haitian people denied theirs, so what.

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William Jusme says...

After the election on Sunday, I finally came to the conclusion that we are really way far behind on this globe.

Can we imagine how bad our country's state is?

How bad people are suffering?

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Marie Clement says...

He would probably do things to change the corrupted mentality of the old regime."MOUNE

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Jeff Herard says...

well, i would prefer a million times "sweet mickey" than those "GRAND-MANGEUR", VOLEUR

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Mr. La France says...

I would Love for Michel Martelly to become President of Haiti.

First of all, he has his own money.Second, he is not a "Typical Politician",he loves his country and the people in it.So most likely he will do for the people and the country;and make sure the country of Haiti progresses to a flourishing

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Negbelair says...

Michel et mirlande..., sont les

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Negbelair says...

There's no way for jude to b the winner even the vast body of fraudster, It's michel or mirlande point blank.., b realistic

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