Transcript : Oct 17 2021 - Martine Moise makes it clear, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Jovenel Moise died for the same cause, by the same people

Martine Moise's speech about Jean-Jacques Dessalines felt as though she was talking about her own assassinated President husband Jovenel Moise

Martine Moise speaks out about the reasons why she thinks her husband, president Jovenel Moise was murdered
Martine Moise speaks out about the reasons why she thinks her husband, president Jovenel Moise was murdered

Former Haitian first lady Martine Moise gave a speech on October 17th 2021 to commemorate the death of Jean-Jacques dessalines.

Listening to the speech, it almost felt like Dessalines and her dead husband, president Jovenel Moise who was assasinated on July 07 2021, both suffered the same death by the same people.

Let's see if you can decode the first lady's speech.

The following is a transcript of former first lady Martine Moise his speech:

October 17th 2021 marks 215 years since the father of the this nation, Dessalines was assassinated in Pont Rouge.

History portrays Dessalines as a person with a lot of character and personality; as someone who had a lot of courage and determination, someone who was very sensitive and who loved his Haitian brothers and sisters.

His good heart and kindness was the reason many officers who surrounded him chose him as the general of the indigenous Army and later chose him to lead this great nation.

With Dessalines at the helm, this nation, Haiti, got its independence.

When he became leader of Haiti, Dessalines made the necessary decisions. He make a lot of reforms which angered many these same officers who were getting ready to suck the country dry after Independence.

All the former free blacks and mulattoes who already took over one third of all the arable lands were really upset with the decisions Dessalines was taking.

Dessalines took many big decisions.

He demanded the title for every piece of land in Haiti. This allowed him to unmask many thieves who wanted to steal these properties that did not belong to them. He nationalized all the land and made sure that only the state was the true owner of the land.

He practiced social justice which prevented the free blacks and the mulattos from stealing the two-thirds of the land which was a arrable...

He reviewed how Haiti was doing business with other countries.

He refused to create a noble class where the donkeys were working and the horses is having fun. In other words, the wish of Jean-Jacques Dessalines was to help those who were the weakest and the most vulnerable among us.

Remember this declaration Dessalines made:

"What about those whose fathers are far away in Africa, will they not get a piece of the pie?"

Dessalines said this when he realized that very affluent government officials wanted to take all the lands for themselves.

These words did not sound too good in the ears of these crooked official and also the ears of the mulattos who wanted to rob the country dry.

So they got together, they plotted his assasination at Pont Rouge.

They assassinated Dessalines for power, for questions of race and color, and for privileges. So that they could better pillage the coffers of the State.

These groups of people did not see things the same way as Dessalines did. They assassinated the father of the nation and did not even care to give him a proper burial. They persecuted his wife, his children, his family and friends and his partisans.

The few they did not murder, they forced them into exile or they were forced to live in hiding.

The saddest part of the story is that Dessalines never got justice.

For almost sixty years, no one was to mention the name Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

I chose to mention these historical facts today to help you recall that in all of Haiti's history there has always been plots, assassinations and exile for every Haitian president who dare to attack the corrupt system that was put in place ever since Independence.

This system exists to suck the State dry, to steal the revenues of the State. This system is put in place to capture the State and prevent it from addressing the problems of the masses.

215 years after they murdered Jean-Jacques Dessalines, they assassinated president Jovenel Moise, my husband, for the same reasons.

October 17th and July 7th in Haiti they have the same meaning. Two presidents were killed for the same reasons

Take your sweet time and read this carefully and you will you will realize that former first lady Martine moise identified each and everyone responsible for the assassination of her husband, president jovenel Moise.

We continue with the transcript first lady watching movies has speech given on October 17th 2021.

No one ever thought in this twenty-first century, we would continue with the same kind of things. this shows clearly that we, as a nation, we have not grown up, we haven't learned anything. We are exactly where we started.

President Jovenel did not only denounce the system, he attacked it in its roots, in its bones because the owners of the system and the guardians of the system, they have no intention to give this country a break.

To do that, he (president Jovenel) had to cut a lot of bad government contracts. He also tried to do whatever he could to pull the State out of the claws of the corrupt oligarchy.

President Jovenel Moise wanted the entire country to have electricity 24/7. With full force, he launched himself into an energy reform.

Some people noticed that their interest was threatened, because they were making many millions of dollars selling blackout.

Can a country develop without electricity?

You mean president Jovenel Moise had to die for that?

Asking for another constitution that offers more opportunities for the young, for women, for the Diaspora; another Constitution that establishes the limits and the responsibilities of the three powers of the State, is that a crime that requires the assassination of a sitting president?

Building the airport in Jeremie, building a hydroelectric river dam in Marion, building the roads in Port-de-Paix, Grand'Anse, Mole St Nicolas, Nord-Est and more, is that a sin?

Did president Jovenel have to die for these things?

Democratizing Credit in this country, giving the ti machans (small business women) credits at one percent in ONA Fanm, establishing a National Bank for the development of agriculture, is that a bad thing?

President Jovenel had to die for that?

Allowing the government to purchase fuel at a good price on the international market in order to stop subsidizing importers so the poor people of Haiti could catch a break, is that a sin?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

Allowing the planters of the Artibonite to get credit so they could buy fertilizer foe a good price on the international market and to set up their own warehouses and handle their own distribution.

Is that a crime?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

Taking the necessary steps to hold free and fair elections, to renew the political personnel of this country in order to ensure political, economical and social stability so the country does not fall into anarchy. And to prevent a transition.

Is that a bad thing?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

Organizing contests to enter public administration so the young people of this country can have the same opportunities, like it's done many times in the ministry of Foreign Affairs for all these young people who were going to integrate the Diplomatic missions around the world, isn't that a good thing?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

Placing asphalt plants in various departments in Haiti so one kilometer of asphalt covered roads can stop costing the state over one million dollara U.S., isn't that the right thing to do?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

Holding contest to help the young people of this country become great entrepreneurs. Isn't that a good thing?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

He was against Contraband and overbilling (surfacturation). Isn't that a noble cause?

President Jovenel deserved to die for that?

I've only mentioned some of the measures and some of the realization the president made amongst many.

Did President Jovenel see his own self in any of the measure that I mentioned?

And all the reforms that he was undertaking, he only saw the collective interest, improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable. He wanted to defend the interests of those who were far far away in the back woods of Haiti were other presidents before him have never stepped foot.

These the principal reasons they sacrificed president Jovenel Moise.

There will not shut us down. They will not prevent us from speaking out in asking for justice for president jovenel Moise. And we were not let these assassins assassinate his ideas, his dreams and vision for the Haitian people.

They made all the supporters Dessalines go into hiding to escape persecution. Those of us who believe in the visions of president Jovenel Moise, we will not run and we will not hide. Instead we will stick together and we will continue to demand justice for president Jovenel Moise while we stare at these assassins dead in the eye.

They will not be able to kill us all. They persecuted Claire Heureuse, the wife of Dessalines, kind of like the same way they are persecuting me right now. The humiliated her, persecuted her until she died in dire poverty.

Political persecution and calling me front of a judge morning, day and night will not shut me up. It will not stop me from demanding Justice for my husband Jovenel Moise whom they assassinated.

I will not give up. I will not give up the fight of the people. I will continue to work along side the men and women of Haiti and the Diaspora, young and old.

Dessalines did not find justice but president Jovenel will find Justice because I will not quit and the people of Haiti were not give up. We were standing in front of the assassins and their associates.

Neither I nor the people, we will not intimidated nor provoked.

We want Justice and it is justice that we are asking for.

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A Raphael says...

Monchè onètman se pa sa ki entèrese nan men premyè Dam nan Kesyon fè diskou nan okazyon 17 oktõb ki se dat ki make lanmõ papa nasyon an Jean-Jacques Dessalines pou fè parallèle de 2 asasina sa yo.Pou mwen se politik tèt anba k ap fèt pou eseye manipile moun pou fè lõt bagay san anyen kõm demach ki vize pou jwenn jistis pou prezidan ki asasine an.

Paralèl ant papa nasyon an ak Jean-Jacques Dessalines ak prezidan an san sans.Moun yo pa janm menm moun. Se vre prezidan Moïse anpil nan sa yo l te konn di yo te enpõtan pou mas lan te ka konnen.

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Subject: Transcript : Oct 17 2021 - Martine Moise makes it clear, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Jovenel Moise died for the same cause, by the same people edit

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