Moise Jean Charles heading to Cuba due to health problems

PHOTO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles, ancien Candidat a la Presidence
After a 3-day hospitalization, Haitian opposition leader Jean-Charles Moise left the hospital prematurely Sunday and is about to go to Cuba for to find better solutions for his health problem, a member of his team released to the media.

Moise Jean Charles has an ear infection he believes is due to tear gas, launched in his direction during the recent anti-government demonstrations.

This strange ear infection partially paralyzed the former senator and Pitit Desalin leader and also decreases his hearing ability. His right jaw works with some difficulty according to news reports.

Radio Caraibes journalist Bob C. asks: If it's really tear gas that caused all this harm to Senator Moise Jean Charles, how come he is the only one this happened to?

What do you think about that?

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Pierre Eugene Do to the problem hi couse the country that should happen to him long time
Reply · November 07 at 8:40 AM
Rza Oh!! Cuba it must be nice to have the luxury to go get treatment in another country. How about the mass of the people, who can't afford to travel to... see more
Reply · October 31 at 6:27 AM
Goldstein Good news from Haiti. This stupid guy jean charles is so useless, I hate to say I hope he leaves this world, the sooner the better. I hate to sound... see more
Reply · October 31 at 5:19 AM
Your Next President they should kill him voler ya
Reply · October 30 at 8:48 PM
Mike Is it a shame that a so-called "leader" has to travel to Cuba to cure himself. Does it make sense?
Reply · October 30 at 8:45 PM
F Estiverne He should stay overthere the SOB
Reply · October 30 at 7:59 PM

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