Adjey Mezanmi... Moise Jean Charles talking politics on his hospital bed

Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation anti Jovenel Moise
This is sad... This is really sad... Ex Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles, lays on a hospital bed, he can barely talk and yet he is live on Radio Caraibes taking politics... Zam nan bouda President Jovenel Moise!

Live in the radio program RAMMASSE on Radio Caraibes FM, Journalist Jean Monard Metellus tries to stop him and yet he keeps going. A political animal, they call him, Moise Jean Charles breath and eats politics.

"Did you know that president Jovenel Moise wishes you well?" the journalist asked him.

"I won't pay no attention to Jovenel Moise," Moise Jean Charles replied.

Even Jean Monard and the guests on the panel of the radio program, was laughing at him. They couldn't believe he was talking about which protest he plans to attend while he should be worried about his health.

The man acts like he wants people to feel sorry for him that that's sad!

What do you think about that?

By the said, Moise Jean Charles said he will not receive president JOvenel Moise should he decide to pay him a visit at the hospital...

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Genevieve While hes in the hospital I will suggest they check his head definitely the guy is coucou his deranged,
Reply · October 28 at 2:09 PM
Yanick Florus Président Jovenel should not worry about this idiot, this fool.
Reply · October 28 at 12:58 PM

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