How Bad Is The FRAUD Report in Haiti 20 Mars Elections?

Earlier today I told you about a "high level of fraud and irregularities" detected but I didn't tell you how high. Here's what I found out:

Counting The Votes, Haiti Vote Tabulation Center

As of 29 Mar 2011, 55 percent of the vote reports (proces verbal) have been processed and 18 percent have been set aside for reasons of fraud.

This is according to an article published by Radio Kiskeya online.

18%... That's 830 proces verbals that are were "mis en quarantaine pour fraudes"

As soon as I have an idea what type of fraud the election officials are talking about, I will share it with you.

HMMMM... Manufacturing vote counts is not very easy these days....

I hope all the parties involved are paying attention...
ni sa k-ap vote mal, ni sa k-ap konte mal, ni sa k-ap veye mal

Haiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!

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Kapoilamor says...

I hear Serge! You do know that everybody wants, and if the Haitian government opens its country for the taking, why should not the takers want to take.

The Haitian government can not even protect its own voting ballots, MINUSTHA had to do it. It is such a shame to see what Haiti has turned to be in the last 25 years.

We had issues before, but Haitians were proud.

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Serge Fontaine says...

Woodring you are a friend.

My E-mail address was changed that's why I lose connection with you network.

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Petit-homme says...

mwen panse sa fe lontan nap fe fraud e nou toujou tonbe nan menm tenyen an. fok gen sitwayen onet ki pou di yon ola! nan sa yon le pou nou pa favorize yon kandida sou yon lot pa fraud.

kite CEP a travay reprezantan tout kandida yo la. se nou pep ki toujou viktim pandan chak moun ap defann klas yo. sitou am we laa, youn ap defann, upper middle class et lot la ap defann Intellectual class.

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Harold Fleurine says...

WHAT KIND THE FRAUD THY TALKING ABOUT AND THEN WHO BENEFIT THEM?.For me this is the way the staff are choosing to eliminate the popular candidate in the Elections beleive me, no matter what you should have the resolve of that.

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Mm says...

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Marleine says...

And How Many dirty are counting these votes?

all have to say is I just spoke to my uncle in Haiti (Lari a blanch se komsi yon gro Masacre pral fet Colere ap Bouyi nan ke Pep la...

Gen Magazin ki pa ret manchet pou van anko...

Mezanmi Violans pap pral mennin nou Okin

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Ben says...


Didn't the CEP put strick regulation and supervision at the voting centers?

If there were supervision there, how did the fraud happen?

I am not taking part for the political parties, the people or the government.


I wonder how many dirty hands are involved in these

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