Jean Claude Duvalier Is Out Of The Hospital

For all the Duvalierrists in my mailing list, BabyDoc has been released from hospital. Duvalier was discharged earlier today, Tuesday, almost a week after he was admitted for stomac pain.

Jean Claude Duvalier Live with Regis and Kelly

Voice of America quoted a friend of the family as saying that all sort of tests were conducted on the former Haitian president and that he is fine.

Nou tande? Duvalier is FINE...

Bon... I don't know how "fine" Duvalier will be when he realizes that a Haitian judge has just placed him on house arrest...

Menm yon pate neg la paka al ashte man...

Kite koze pran priye....

Mesye... Haitien pa manke landjez... Yo menm anonse la mort Jean Claude Duvalier pandan li lopital la LOL

Somebody commented on this site yesterday that "A catholic priest was rushed to Jean Claude Duvalier at 7:47 A.M."

Listen up... Do not take anything seriously on this web site OK? Some of the information being added by our visitors are pure "POLITI-COMEDY"

Yep... We do have a few comedians in the "Baz"... LOL...

But hell... you are also here to laugh... Haitian politics is a big comedy show anyway dont you think?


How do you feel about Duvelier's health and the fact that he is alive and well...

Do you even care?

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Pastor Calixte Guerrier says...

Baby Doc health is in the Hand of God.
I asked God for healings on behalf of
The Former President Jean Claude Duvalier, and God responded positively
to me. God said: He will heal him for
me. Now, Baby Doc has to say thanks to
the Lord.
In Christ Jesus we love.

Rev. Calixte

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Gavriel The Jew says...

Bonsoa pep haitienne
Well when I went to haiti myself In april 1981.this Is when I met my future wife Marie from carrefour.this was doing the time of jean claude Duvalier.for myself who Is jewish.

marie was the best and most precious gift haiti could have ever given

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

2 Kochon gri sa yo bye pou preval-la ak tout'e aristide ap mouri avan Jean-Claude lan non

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