Greetings Woodring you are a friend. My E-mail address was...

Serge Fontaine - April 3 2011, 2:40 PM

Woodring you are a friend.

My E-mail address was changed that's why I lose connection with you network.

By the way, how are your twines daughters?

I thank you for the Internet Newsletters that I have received from your networks system.

The information of the Newsletters is always informative and eye-openers.

Sometimes certain topic is
not as easy to comment on without upsetting some of the readers with my opinions.

This is my opinion.

The News letter was about the fraudulent that occurred on the Presidential Election: And could not believe by others and also me. This is the second times the presidential Election occurred unsuccessfully.

Apparently, some people do not want to see a new Fair Elected President unless it is favorite chosen wrongly.

The citizens of Haiti and oversea should not tolerated that to happened.

If we recalled the previous history of other past President who was not elected by the Citizens of Haiti, and later on had his successful opponent removed from the President chair by kidnapped him. As a result of his action, the father and his son were served brutally as the Head of State for thirty-five years.

He entourage himself by a brutal group called Ton-Ton ma-coute.

Now, you should know who that is. The last two formal presidents of Haiti are returned to Haiti to try to put their hands on the donation

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