Haiti CEP President Shocked USA don't want to Support Elections in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Leopold Berlanger - CEP President
Leopold Berlanger, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP) is very surprised that the United States refuses to finance the Haiti elections do-over... Berlanger says: "We find it bizarre that they -- The United States -- don't want to support the democratic process."

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti CEP Leopold Berlanger SEZI paske Les Etat Unis pa vle finanse Elections a refaire la... Misye di decision saa pa rasyonèl... Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to an article from the Miami Herald, Berlanger doesn't understand how the US' decision is rational.

The United States kept insisting that, although there were some irregularities in the elections, it was not enough to eliminate the results but Haitian authorities want to do it over. Why are they surprised when the US say they wont pay for it a second time?

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Jona Hervens Poukisa nou pa ka fè you eleksyon èd volontè Nan mitan nou pito. Se blan nap tann toutan ebyen si se Pou sa nap chire. Pou nou deside... see more
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Patrick Princivil Ala de pil tenten mésyé! Jis ki lè moun sa yo ap kité san wont? Sodom gen péyi pal, Ayiti sé péyi pa nou, dé... see more
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Frank They are nothing but thief. It was a way for Privert Government to become Millionaires. I am 100% agree with USA. And they should put Privert out... see more
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Marielourdes Sou Facebook Sa m panse misye sa te nan konsey la deja, yo te wè se yon moun ki tap kraze peyi, Micky pat danse kole avè l. Men li tounen pou l vin... see more
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