Foreing Aid to Haiti

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Haiti's growth outlook remains positive

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Haiti's growth outlook remains positive: GDP growth has accelerated slightly to reach about 2 percent, supported by public investment.

Haiti Government moving towards better management of Foreign Aid

The government of Haiti has just agreed to become more efficient in the management of foreign aid money in the framework of partnership with financial partners such as the IDB (BID in French), the European Union and the World Bank.

Haiti - USA want more than NOT financing Haiti elections, they want a REFUND...

READ THIS... Haiti Elections Problems - Beside the United States decision NOT to finance the Haiti elecitons, they want a REFUND of all the unspent Dollars from the first Elections.

Haiti CEP President Shocked USA don't want to Support Elections in Haiti

Leopold Berlanger, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP) is very surprised that the United States refuses to finance the Haiti elections do-over... Berlanger says: "We find it bizarre that they -- The United States -- don't want to support the democratic process."

Will USA Finance another Presidential Election in Haiti? Kenneth Merten Answers

Something to think about... The United States of America dished out 33 Million dollars to finance elections in Haiti that has official been stamped "NULL AND VOID" by the new electoral council (CEP)... SO... Do you think they will do it again???

Haiti Politics - USA Kenneth Merten Issues a Threat to CUT Off Haiti Elections Funding IF...

Haiti Elections Update - In an interview to Voice of America Creole, USA official Kenneth Merten said the Haitian government needs to hurry up with the elections process or risk loosing the elections funding money that come from the USA and the international community...

Haiti could loose $300 Million in Aid if there is no Elections this year

Read this... The United States government has just issued a warning to Haiti that it will lose the $300 million that the U.S. Congress had allocated for Haiti for the fiscal year 2014 if there is no elections at the end of the year...