Haiti Transition - OAS Special Mission to Arrive in Haiti on Sunday

The Special Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) to Haiti will arrive in Port-au-Prince on Sunday with a mission to collaborate in reaching an understanding among Haitians, following the recent suspension of the second round of presidential elections... The Mission will establish a dialogue with the main political and social representatives in Haiti.

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The Mission was requested by the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, and established by the Permanent Council in its meeting on Thursday, January 27.

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, said the solution "must be agreed by Haitians," and asked President Martelly and the President of the Senate Jocelerme Privert that the mechanism of government adopted at the conclusion of the mandate of President Martelly on February 7 be endorsed by the Supreme Court and that it remain in place as short a time as possible.

The mission will be headed by the Chair of the OAS Permanent Council Representative of Antigua and Barbuda, Ronald Sanders.

The Mission will also include Leonidas Rosa Bautista, Permanent Representative to the OAS, former Foreign Minister and Attorney General of Honduras; Sonia Johnny, former Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the OAS; Gabriel Bidegain, Principal Political Adviser to the Secretary General of the OAS; and Steven Griner, Director of the Department of Democratic Sustainability and Special Missions of the OAS. They will be supported by Frederic Bolduc, Special Representative of the OAS Secretary General in Haiti.

After its work in Port-au-Prince is concluded, the Mission will present a report to the Permanent Council of the OAS.

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Elie Philocles says...

It is winter, open Haiti to the world for tourists to spend the winter under the sun in every department in Haiti.

Rebuild Haiti, develop real estate in every department.

Haiti needs nursing homes, hotels in every town, car dealers in every town buses ib tge roads, let us go places.

Welcome to Haiti

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Paul Bance says...

As a result of increased instability in Haiti, Haiti Transition, OAS Mission will come to Haiti to promote Democracy, security, human rights, to encourage political actors to work together for a fair and just presidential election in Haiti.

Haitian people, get together to elect your next president peacefully.

Du choc des idees rejaillisse la

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Ti Jo says...

Se pou yo al tire sou OEA; pou yo fe dechoukay,,,,, Nap Konn George ak tout fre li

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Milner St Fleur says...

C'est une vraie honte pour nous comme noirs, pionniers des droits humains.

C'est également l'expression de l'echec et de l'incapacité politique de nos leaders haitiens qui ne se lassent jamais de prendre le beton comme mauvais perdants au lieu de s'asseoir ensemble autour d'un plan pour sauver le

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