Haiti - True or False? Opont's CEP is the Worst Electoral Council in the History of the Country

Read this from Agence Haitienne de Presse: "The worst electoral council in the history of the country, chaired by Pierre-Louis Opont, ends in shame, after holding bogus elections and caused much harm to Haiti and to Haitians... Agree or Disagree???

Haiti CEP - KEP
Haiti CEP - KEP

KREYOL: Haiti - Vre oubyen fo? KEP Opont an se PI MOVE Konsèy Elektoral ki pase nan Istwa peyi dayiti... Se VRE? Se MANTI? Se sa ki ekri nan yon article AHP mete deyo... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Read the full article in French from [.goo.gl AHPhaiti.org]]

What do you think about that?

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Mike says...

Agreed, the

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Hen says...

No Mr Opont is not a disgrace to no one. Haitians are a disgrace to Haiti for 212 years.The name Haiti itself means hate. There is no way for haitian to love neither forgive one another.

Watch tomorrow the G8 killing each other.

Go and check their background ""Surprise"" they are all dirty: money launderer, thief, drug dealers, abusers,liars, traitors,muderers, opportunist,despisers of anything good for Haiti, their feet are swift to shed blood, they are very selfish, intemperants,cruel, insensitive, ready to burn down the country for their own selfish gain using the stupid and ignorant poor people while their families are in foreign countries and themselves with a visa in their pocket.You better wake up open your eyes even the so call philosophers are drunk and full with darkness, the priest, the pastors are all mixed into this stinking mud of hatred and not even God make sense there.

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Jacques Cherenfant says...

BS, en 2002, Ernst Mirville te bay Lavalas 98 pousan nan tou 2 Chanm yo.La press te pe pale e se pep GNB ki te prsn la relev e met Aristide deyo. Jouk jodya, Media koupyon telman pe Aristide jouk Monsignac de Radio Caraib tap fe meaculpa lefla buch te chape e trete Aristide de chef de gang e ceci pou tout lot Media yo you.Nous avons un media peureux qui ne resoecte que les Presidents a instinct

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Gerry says...

Agree: Mr. Opont is a disgrace to Haiti and to his family.

One day they will respect my country; we'll hold near true democratic elections and we will have leaders that will work to better the lives of the people that elect them. One day my country, Haiti, will be Great

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Paul Bance says...



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Subject: Haiti - True or False? Opont's CEP is the Worst Electoral Council in the History of the Country edit

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