Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin says NO Deals with the new government, Let President Jovenel and his PM decide

Haitian Senator Rony Celestin calls on all members of parliament, Senators and Deputes alike, to let President Jovenel Moise and his Prime Minister decide who will be in their cabinet, Ministres, Secretaires d'Etat, etc... Senator Rony Celestin wants no deals between parliament in this government.

Haiti Senateur Rony Celestin - Senateur du Plateau Central
Haiti Senateur Rony Celestin - Senateur du Plateau Central

"We are not in the formation of government, Senator Rony Celestin said. "With the power of control that members of parliament have, we do not have to pick Ministres and Direteur Generals. We have to make sure these people do their jobs so the people can benefit."

"I've said it and I will say it again. If parliament really does its job the way it is supposed to , the country will not remain in the condition it is right now. We have to do something to bring about change for the the people who voted for us barefoot," Senator Rony Celestin declared.

"President Jovenel campaigned on a promise to put money in the people's pockets and food on their plates. Today, for that money to reach the pockets of the people, for food to reach their dinner plates, parliament has to make sure it happens. Parliament has to do its job."

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin on the Senate Floor

"It is not going to be easy for Jean Henry Ceant because Parliament will not play with his minister, his Directeur Generals, including the Prime Minsiter," Senator Rony Celestin said. "That's why we want Presient Jovenel Moise to form his cabinet by himself and his Prime Minister. We will negotiate any posts."

"It doesn't matter if you are Gary Bodeau, or Joseph Lambert, no one can negotiate in this government. It is time we made sure we give this country a change and leave the President's Jovenel's destiny in his hands and in the hands of his prime minister," Senator Rony said.

"If Haiti has a real government this time and it is not the senators and deputes who place ministres and director generals inside the government, things will definitely change for the better."

When asked by the journalist "what if a member of parliament goes under the table to negotiate a post inside government?"

Rony Celestin replies: "I will be the first person who will go on radio to let the people know who that person is and what part of the country he is from."

What do you think about that?

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Haiti Politique says...

Le sénateur Rony Celestin appelle tous les sénateurs et députés à laisser le président Jovenel Moise et son Premier ministre décider qui sera dans leur cabinet, ministres, secrétaire d'Etat, etc. Le sénateur Rony Celestin ne veut aucun deal entre le parlement dans ce gouvernement.

"Nous ne sommes pas dans la formation du gouvernement", a déclaré le sénateur Rony Celestin.

"Avec le pouvoir de contrôle des parlementaires, nous n'avons pas à choisir les ministres et les directeurs généraux.

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Subject: Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin says NO Deals with the new government, Let President Jovenel and his PM decide edit

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