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Senator Rony Celestin met with President Jovenel and PM Henry Ceant for some serious talks

Senator Rony Celestin, Jovenel Moise, PM Henry Ceant Haitian Senator Rony Celestin said he had some serious talks with both Prime Minister Henry Ceant president Jovenel Moise and wants PM Ceant to have full power to create a government of consensus so that Haiti can get out of this crisis once and for all. more »

Haitian Senateur Rony Celestin points out wealthy people in Haiti who finance street protests to avoid paying taxes

Senateur Rony Celestin stands against wealthy people in Haiti who prefer to finance street protests than pay taxes There is a really big problem in Haiti today, Senator Rony Celestin said. "As soon as you tell some of the richest people in Haiti to pay their taxes they start talking about 'manifestation' (street protests). more »

The 'Contrebande' problem in Plateau Central Haiti comes from Port-au-Prince, Senator Rony Celestin said

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin on the Senate Floor Haitian Senator Rony Celestin says the root the contraband problem at the Haiti-Dominican borders in the Centre Department of Haiti lies within the rich businessmen in Port-au-Prince making huge profits from it while it's the poor people of the Plateau Central who are the target. more »

Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin says NO Deals with the new government, Let President Jovenel and his PM decide

Haiti Senateur Rony Celestin - Senateur du Plateau Central Haitian Senator Rony Celestin calls on all members of parliament, Senators and Deputes alike, to let President Jovenel Moise and his Prime Minister decide who will be in their cabinet, Ministres, Secretaires d'Etat, etc... Senator Rony Celestin wants no deals between parliament in this government. more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Senateur Francenet Denius pale de Bloc GSEP nan micro Jounalis Marie Lucie Bonhomme

Senateur Francenet Denius (Nippes, VERITE) Tande AUDIO sa... Senateur Francenet Denius chita pale avek jounalis Marie Lucie Bonhomme kote li bay plis detay sou nouvo bloc politik GSEP (Groupe des Senateurs pour l'Equilibre Politique). more »

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin leads new political bloc GSEP in the Senate

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin on the Senate Floor A new political group, GSEP - Groupe de sénateurs pour l'équilibre politique, was just created in the Senate of the Republic of Haiti Friday under the leadership of Centre Senator Rony Celestin. more »

Haiti - Senator Rony Celestin urges fellow Senators to do the people's job so they can get out of dire poverty

Haiti Senator Rony Celestin on the Senate Floor In a senate session Wednesday, Haitian Senator Rony Celestin (PHTK Centre) urged his fellow senators to do the people's job, the job they were sent in the Senate to do so the people of Haiti can move up at least step up in the ladder. more »

Le senateur Rony Celestin a Thomassique, Departement du Centre, Haiti

Senator Rony Celestin in Thomassique Voici Le sénateur Rony Célestin entraint d'embrasser une residente de la commune de Thomassique, departement du Centre, Haiti. more »

75 PHOTOS - Haiti - Depute Rony Celestin Meeting Youth Organizations in Hinche, Look...

Rony Celestin Meeting Youth Organisations in Village Kiskeya Hinche Look at these photos... Haiti pre-campaign - Depute candidate for senator Rony Celestin met with some organizations leaders in the Village Kiskeya, Hinche, so we took some photos to share with you... Look at 75 Photos from the Meeting more »

20 PHOTOS: Haiti Elections - Rony Celestin, Candidate for Senator meeting voters in Hinche

Depute Rony Celestin, Candidat au Senat, Hinche apre li te finn depoze pyes li. Look at these photos... Haitian Depute Rony Celestin (Cerca-La-Source) met with some voters outside Eben-Ezer Resaurant in Hinche Haiti after he submitted his documents as a candidate for senator to the Bureau Electoral Depatemental (BED) in the city... more »