Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles officially launches his new Political Platform "Pitit Dessalines"

Haiti has one more political patform... Senator Moise Jean Charles officially launched his new political platform called "Pitit Dessalines."

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles

KREYOL: Senatè Moise Jean Charles fek lanse nouvo patfòm politik li ki rele: "Platfòm Pitit Dessalin..." Kisa-w panse de sa?

Although news of this has not made much noise yet in the Haitian media, Sources tell us this new political platform, Pitit Dessalines, was launched by two Haitian senators: Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Senator Wesner Polycarpe.

What is this new platform and what is it called "Pitit Dessalines?"

What is their agenda?

What do you think about that?

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Nicolas Ismael says...

Senateur Moise, tu as deja sauve Haiti de justesse des derives du tendem Martelly-Lamothe.Nous en sommes tres reconnassants senateur Moise.

Nous vous aurions supplie de faire alliance avec MOPOD DESSALINES pour faire revivre 1990. Cependant, cette fois avec un Moise comme Ministre a la surveillance, un minister ayant pour obligation et droit de superviser tous les autres ministers du nouveau gouvernement.

Comme ca, après une bonne administration et gestion, ce puissant minister a la surveillance du MOPOD DESSSALINES sera l'homme le plus populaire et incontournable de 2021 tant en Haiti qu'en diaspora.

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Angie says...

Al grate

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Gerard Rhau says...

Pitit Illegitimes de Dessalines, he is turning in his grave saying:"when did I have such dysfunctional children.." I must have been drunk with Babancourt Rhum seriously.

The next illegal demonstration he organized, he should be detained by the national police;;He no longer has immunity...Those guys are called: "National destroyers" and not "Sons of Dessalines" ou Pititt Dessalines,,,It is time for the national shame to stop...Stop the mediocrity in the eyes of the world, stop the Non-sense, useless demonstrations, the tire-burning, the senseless protests that go no where...Stop wasting time, Haiti is going forward and not backward.Period...The sons of Dessalines should go back to planting Bananas, plaintains, mango trees, lemon trees, oranges, coconut trees etc if they love Haiti and want to see her go forward...Haiti is fortunate to have Martelly and Lamothe as leaders.

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love

Give thanks and praises for sharing this great news. I am so impressed with Senator Moise Jean Charles whom I feel has provided some of the strongest opposition to the Martelly lunacy.

I wish him all of the best and I know that he can do Ayiti and her people well. Blessed

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Jean Paul says...

Haiti a longtemps obtenue son independence.

Nous croyons il est fort important qu'Haiti a besoin des hommes serieux et honnetes et respectables non des controverses qui voient seulement le demolissement que le progress d'un pays> We are completely desoled for Haiti.

I hope Jesus can say a wonderful word for

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Patrick Princivil says...

Pi Moise Jean Charles pèmèt li pou lap vin mété nom Dessaline nan lòbey li, nanpren oken koté nan l'histwa ki di ké Déssaline té kon maché nan maniféstasyon, boulé kaochou e plus.

Si Moise Jean Charles pitit Dessaline mwen

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Jocelyne says...

Pitit dessalin patap fè betiz
Moïse fè tankou al nan man manifestations ak gro zam e anpil lot

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Subject: Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles officially launches his new Political Platform "Pitit Dessalines" edit

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