Pitit Illegitimes de Dessalines, he is turning in his grave...

Gerard Rhau - December 10 2014, 9:22 AM

Pitit Illegitimes de Dessalines, he is turning in his grave saying:"when did I have such dysfunctional children.." I must have been drunk with Babancourt Rhum seriously.

The next illegal demonstration he organized, he should be detained by the national police;;He no longer has immunity...Those guys are called: "National destroyers" and not "Sons of Dessalines" ou Pititt Dessalines,,,It is time for the national shame to stop...Stop the mediocrity in the eyes of the world, stop the Non-sense, useless demonstrations, the tire-burning, the senseless protests that go no where...Stop wasting time, Haiti is going forward and not backward.Period...The sons of Dessalines should go back to planting Bananas, plaintains, mango trees, lemon trees, oranges, coconut trees etc if they love Haiti and want to see her go forward...Haiti is fortunate to have Martelly and Lamothe as leaders.

Leave them along so that they finished their term if you really believe in democracy''''
By the way Calling on Russia to help Haiti is a total Suicide move, the kiss of death on the nation.

Any confrontation with the USA or against the USA is nothing but disaster...Chaos and Nonsense.

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