Haiti President Martelly Criticized For Recent Visit To North Miami

Haitian President Michel Martelly made an unofficial visit to North Miami last weekend and North Miami taxpayers had to dish out $8,800 to pay for his security detail. Some people in the City of North Miami are complaining The Miami Herald says.

Michel Martelly Campaign Rally, North Miami Florida

According to the Herald, the Haitian president had no official business in the city of North Miami, he only came to party.

Bagay sa-a soti po fe yon pale anpil... ou konprann?

The Herald quoted a North Miami resident as saying: "Let the president of Haiti pay for his own security"

Read the full article: North Miami foots the bill for Haiti president's security detail, then...

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Real Chimere says...

Listen let us stop talking about the small talks.

So what he spent that money on his security.

As long as he is doing a good job in haiti, then that s all that matters.

He is definitely not as smart as Dr.Jean Bertrand Aristide but I think, to be fair, we have to judge him at the end of his

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Jeiz says...

TJ, In case your energies give rise to raeding, the winds of Alaska come south with good wishes for the work of your hands, and the assistance of your team. The hands and the eyes are the art of portrait photography and surely, they are tools in your art as well. Good wishes.

Wishing I was there to document your fine

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Bert says...

I don't have a problem with him visiting the US, but haitian are still suffering and now all the foreighner as taken over haiti land and all the haitian business, i want to know is he going to do about it, why do we need peackeeper when we have haitian

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Tlouverture says...

Al mete deye'w yon kote Alex. Pou tout soufrans ak enjistis america inflikte sou Ayiti, se pou nou fe ameriken peye ak poch

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Jean Philippe says...

It is a great honor to have your President come and share with his brothers and sisters.

We are all proud of him. None of the former leaders ever visited us because of fear of being questioned.

Now he opens the door for future leaders to come and listen to us and open the doors to haitian investors and

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Jean Philippe says...

When I read the news on your site I only smile.

I can see where the hate is coming from your heart.

I think it's an Honnor for you to welcome the president of your Country who came to celebrate with you. Never a leader of Haiti had done

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This Person says...

Welcome back, the grasses are not greener over there.Beside, you realizes that this "person" is the

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Mj says...

All of this talk are non sence, the diaspora community are paying for the USA president vacation too so what are y'all complaining

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Josy says...

The next headline wil be: "Haiti President Martelly Criticized For going to the bathroom more than once a day".


Get over it!

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Alex says...

poukisa sa a ti vakabon saa te ale Florida?

Li te bezwen achte kek ti tabak ke li pa ka jwenn kounye ya nan panyol paske Nuria Piera en Repiblik paske Mina en Repiblik Dominicaine ape suveyer ak kontwole transactions Martelly

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