Haiti Opposition Senators Destroy the Senate to prevent Prime Minister Lapin Ratification

Breaking News... The Senate of the Republic of Haiti has been completely destroyed by a group of 4 Senators of the opposition Thursday Morning, 30 May 2019, in attempt to prevent the ratification session of Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin and his government

Haitian senate floor destroyed by 4 opposition Senators

Tables broken, chairs broken and piled outside, microphones ripped off. all in an attempt to stop a ratification process which was supposed to begin at 8am Thursday.

Senator Ricard Pierre and Don Kato drag a Senate desk outside to prevent ratification session of PM Lapin

In this photo above, Senator Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy and his colleague Senator Ricart Pierre can be seen piling the senate chairs outside.

Here is a photo of Senators Kato and Ricart Piere taking what looks like sound equipment out of the Senate floor...

Opposition Senators Don Kato and Ricard Pierre removing electronic devices from the Senate

After all of that, all four senators of the opposition sit outside of the parliament building as if nothing happened! Amazing isn't it?

4 opposition Senators sit outside of parliament after they destroyed the Senate

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Hen says...

This is an act of vandalism no wonder the country is in in a deplorable condition .How do you expect the people to behave with the so called leaders/senators.

Is this a good example .The senate need to be dissolve.

Immunity is only for elected officials who behave accordingly.

Those senators need to be in

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Subject: Haiti Opposition Senators Destroy the Senate to prevent Prime Minister Lapin Ratification edit

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