Haiti - Lesly Manigat Dead - 3 days of National Mourning and a State funeral

The Haiti government has just announced three days of national mourning, 2, 3 and 4 Jul 2014, in honor of deceased former President Lesly Manigat. A state funeral is scheduled for 5 Jul 2014...

Leslie Manigat - President of Haiti - 7 Feb 1988 - 20 Jun 1988

This declaration came by a presidential decree.

During these three days of national mourning, flags will be flown at half mast and the media are invited to play music of circumstance.

Former Haiti President Leslie Manigat died last Friday, 27 Jul 2014. His state funeral will be broadcasted live on Television Nationale d'Haiti (TNH)

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Jeremie Malvoisin says...

Hell no ! When Aristide was elected the second time Manigat said: Je compare le peuple Haitien a un chien qui retourn a ses vomissements.

he should be buried like a

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Patrick Princivil says...

Jesus said let the dead bury the dead, but if the government of Haïti see the 3 days of National Mourning is a good idea, nothing is wrong with that.

May Madame Manigat cook a lot of food and share to the poor within that 3 days of national

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Genevieve says...

I understand, definitely that he deserve a national mourning, but 3 days of it !!! acceptable only in a country where there is 95% of unemployment RATE. bONBOCHE IS Haitian's Legacy IT DOES'NT MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES
Requiescat in

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Subject: Haiti - Lesly Manigat Dead - 3 days of National Mourning and a State funeral edit

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