Haiti Politics - New Opposition Group Sends a Message to John KERRY

Haiti Elections Update -- A new Haiti opposition team called 'Espace de Resistance Patriotique' sends a Message to US Secretary of State John KERRY regarding his disapproval for a Government of Transition... "This is not going to demobilize us," members of this group said...

Haiti Caricature - Edmonde Beauzile Divorce ak President Martelly

According to the group, Espace de Resistance Patriotique, which includes opposition political parties like Fusion, Ayisyen pou Ayiti, and Mirlande Manigat's RDNP, what US Secretary of State Kerry said does not reflect the views of the Haitian political opposition...

What do they want?

Plain and simple, they want to put in place a government of Transition in Haiti for 3 years...

John KERRY, on the other hand, said during his visit to Haiti, that the country must go on its path to free and fair elections, It's the only way...

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Eliezer Loriston says...

The last time i checked Haiti belong to the Haitien people i have never seen any country dictated the united states how to take care of they selectionin they country why us i think it's about time we stand up to those foes who pretend to be haiti's friends these fake friends of haiti should stay out of our affairs when our unscrupulous so call leaders of haiti are trying to cover they asses after they term we have to strongly stand against those

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Hermann says...

His right no

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