FLASH: Haiti Mirlande Manigat READY to be the Next "President Provisoire" - Transition Tet Kale

Haiti NO-Elections Update -- When Mirlande Manigat said she was 'en réserve de la Republique,' she wasn't kidding... Madame Manigat says she is ready to take the reins of a transitional government as President Provisoire...

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti - Mirlande Manigat di li PARE pou li PRESIDENT Provisoire de la Republique d'Haiti TET KALE... LOL... Se tou bon wi madanm lan te 'en reserve de la Republique'... Heyyyyy... Nou Mele!!! Kisa ou panse de sa???

But... Wait a minute!

I thought I heard Desras was going to be President with Mirlande Manigat as prime Minister... So now she's gonna be president?

Mirlande Manigat is a part of the Espace de Resistance Patriotique who replied to John Kerry's visit in Haiti saying that Kerry is not speaking for the opposition coming here and talking about democratic elections...

SO... What do you think about a Gouvernemt de Transition with Mirelande Manigat as President Provisoire???

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Pierre says...

Madame Manigat n est pas a croire.

L histoire de 2010 nous a

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Jean Pierre Duval says...

Yo tout fou..toute se raketer .mercenair.

Yo anrage .yo preske voye roch..hummm nou .mele ak mafia sa

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Elie Philocles says...

Mirlande Manigat can be a good vice President in 2016. I do not encourage a government of Transition for Haiti in this new era. Mirlande Manigat has what it takes to be a good vice President or President.

Haiti loves Mirlande Manigat.

Daniel Fignole was a President Provisoire, it did not work, he had a Coup

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Danlee says...

It s gonna be a very good alternative because only women as president those can make credible elections in

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Hermann says...

On her

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Gilbert Sou Facebook says...

Se reyelman yon desepsyon! M te panse moun sa te vo plis ke sa anfen d kont yo pa we pi lwen ke

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Jerry Sou Facebook says...

Bon, bagay yo gate net nan men grann manna wi. Pov se menopoz la wi se pa fot li, martelly rete kek mwa selman grann, lap fini net nan Mond politic

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Jhonson says...

One of the most important questions I'd like ask is: Why does everybody want to be President in such a poor country?

What do they have to offer?

Can we finally expect a real change for this time?

I don't mind she's president or not. What important is: Give a chance to

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Mirlande Manigat READY to be the Next "President Provisoire" - Transition Tet Kale edit

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