Haiti Elections - Privert is on a Wild-Goose Chase, Senator Anacasis says

Haiti Elections Update -- Everyone can see that President Jocelerme Privert is giving the people the runaround with a prime minister he knows will not be voted by parliament, says former Senator Anacasis Jean Hector, leader of Jude Celestin political party LAPEH...

Jude Celestin, Jean-Hector Anacacis

In a note release by LAPEH Monday, Anacasis says: "LAPEH is worried seeing how President Privert is running things... He is wasting time by nominating a prime minister he himself does not want to be prime minister... It is a way to remove the responsibilities on himself and drop it on others on May 14th..."

Senator Annacasis warns the president that he is leading the country in to a crisis where "we will loose control of the country."

LAPEH want elections within the deadline of the accord but LAPEH is also asking for a "commission d'enquette" to investigate what really happened in the elections; they also want an audit of the Martelly administration.

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All Comments (4)

Neglakay says...

An nou serye Frantz.

Kouman se Anacasis ki lakoz peyi a tonbe nan tranzisyon an?

Se li ki pat fe Eleksyon pendan 5 an?

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Frantz Sou Facebook says...

Se Anakasis ki premyè koz peyi a konnen yon tranzisyon.

Mwen konprann yo te pè Jovenel ak KEP Opont an, men ou konnen yo toujou pè Jovenel, paske vérité a Jovenel gen plis moun, yo pral sèvi ak menm preteks fraude la tandike Jude bénefisyé anpil fraude.

Vye nèg milot a menm, se pa palé, politisyen ayisyen...


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Hermann Sou Facebook says...

que la terre tremble jude celestin n'as aucune chance le peuple a mieux comprendre la vision de jovenel moise pour le

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Irnel Sou Facebook says...

LAPEH in double-talk mode. For April 24 second round of Elections, but at the same time claiming to request 2 specific actions which would prevent those elections..Could be a terribly laughable

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Privert is on a Wild-Goose Chase, Senator Anacasis says edit

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