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Haiti's Opposition is a Game, NO one is doing this FOR the people, journalist said

Tension is in the air in Haiti, What will happen 17 Octobre 2018? "Pa gen nèg k ap regle afè pèp vre!" The opposition in Haiti is not at all looking out for the best interest of the people, Haitian journalist Guerrier Henri said in his radio show 'Boukante La Pawol', It's just a game they are playing. more »

Haiti - ex president Privert : Time for us to Stop Bullshitting the People

Ex Haitian President Jocelerme Privert Ex Haitian president Jocelerme Privert has a simple message for Haitian Politicians: "It's time for us to stop take this little people for junk," he wrote on his twitter page. more »

Haiti - Senator Don KATO Against Privert Decision to Raise Gas Prices

Senateur Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy Haitian Senator Antonio 'Don KATO' Cheramy came out against president Jocelerme Privert's government decision to raise gas prices in the country... Senator Kato says: "While I support President Privert, I do not support this decision." more »

Haiti Elections - Privert reiterates: The government does NOT have a candidate!

President Jocelerme Privert Making his Point "Le pouvoir exécutif n'a pas de candidat," (The executive branch has no candidate) Haitian de facto president Jocelerme Privert said Thursday. "The government will not give any special favors to any candidate," referring to the presidential elections scheduled for October 2016... Do you believe him? more »

Haiti Election Money - ALL $55 Millions ARE Available, President Privert says

Ex Haitian President Jocelerme Privert Don't woory be happy, the Haiti election money, all $55 millions of it, are available according to a recent statement by President Jocelerme Privert whose term expired over a month ago... more »

Haiti - President Privert wants Private Sector to Contribute $$$ towards Elections

Haiti President Jocelerme Privert meeting economic and financial sector - National Palace Haiti Elections Update -- President Jocemere Privert met with key players of the private sector to discuss how they can help in funding the October elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti - President Privert summons Voters to Participate in October Elections

Haiti Interim President Jocelerme Privert Haiti Elections Update - Interim president Jocelerme Privert, whose mandate expired since 14 June 2016, has called upon Haitian voters to go out and vote in the Elections scheduled for 09 October 2016... more »

Haiti Politics - Senators and Deputes AGREE to Keep Privert as President

14 Juin 2016 - Eske President Privert dwe RETE oswa ALE? Following a political standoff between pro-Privert Senators and Deputes and the opposition, an agreement has been reached to KEEP Jocelerme Privert as Interim President of Haiti. more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles : Parliament cannot get rid of President Privert

"Parliament cannot overthrow Privert," says candidate for president and former senator Moise Jean Charles. "everything you hear coming from inside the parliament, it's BRI SAPAT (all talk no action)." more »

FLASH: Haiti National Assembly Postponed Following Protestors Attack on Parliament Building

Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Breaking News... The National Assembly scheduled for today has been postponed due to an incident where pro-Privert street protesters thew rocks at the Parliament building... more »