Haiti Elections - Aristide Speech LOADED with CONFUSION, Radio Journalist Reports

Haiti Elections Update - Former president Jean Bertrand Aristide created more CONFUSION among his supporters following his coming-out-of-hiding speech, says a Radio Signal FM news reporter.... On one hand, Aristide is calling for the cancellation of the first round legislative elections, on the other hand, he is asking supporters to vote Maryse Narcisse and all LAVALAS candidates going to the second rounds...

President Aristide Speaking in front of his House in Tabarre 30 Sept 2015
President Aristide Speaking in front of his House in Tabarre 30 Sept 2015

Does Aristide want Elections or NO Elections???

The speech Aristide made at the gates of his mansion in Tabarre on September 30th is filled with points that are UNCLEAR in regards to Lavalas' position as far as the elections are concerned, says Journalist Duckenson Lazare in his news report...

The journalist went on to say that the same Fanmi LAVALAS who is saying 'there was no first round, there cannot be a second round' is the same LAVALAS now asking supporters to come out and vote Maryse Narcisse for president.

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse

The same Aristide is asking the people to 'MOBILIZE' for the cancellation of the August 09 elections... BUT ALSO... Go out and vote 'en masse' Maryse Narcisse for President in the October 25 elections so Lavalas can come back to power democratically...

LAVALAS want to fight the Electoral Council in the Streets (sou beton a) AND in the voting booths...

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Fritz Sou Facebook says...

Aristide paka di anyen ki Bon Vre mezanmi Nou konnen sa déjà tet li pabon l ap Toujou di tenten ok depi l te ka pran Marise voye nan election Nou déjà we tet misie pa bon ki Bon bagay yon nonm tet pa bon ka

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I am not at all confused by the what Dr. exp president Aristide said in his speech on the 30th. I think that his speech will help to mobilize Ayiti's people to come out and vote. And that is a great thing for us all. Blessed

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Jack P says...

"You the victims of insecurity, of abuse, of hunger, of unemployment..."
A big laugh...Hahahaha! He forgot he was a part of the problem.

Cynical manipulation of public

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Bwa Sanfey says...

The guy is adamant to regain power so he can unleash his dogs on the streets by the same token get mummify to evade justice for

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Shime Leroy says...

neg ca ce con cac li toujou ye li pale en parabole an daqui ce yon moune qui pou deviner ca li vle di nou gain chance li pa te commencer ac cric

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Aristide Speech LOADED with CONFUSION, Radio Journalist Reports edit

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