Haiti Elections - 8 of 9 sectors choose their representative for New Electoral Council (CEP)

Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) is taking shape... eight out of nine sectors have already chosen their representive to represent them at the new CEP. Only the Trade Union sector (le secteur syndical) remains...

Jumpstarting the CEP
Jumpstarting the CEP

Some sectors have chosen 2 candidates for the job, others have only chosen one.

Here are some names you may see on the next CEP:

Kettly Julien, Human rights sector
Marie Frantz Joachim, women sector
Lucien Jean Bernard, university
Leopold Berlanger, Media
Carlos Hercule, Catholic church
Frinel Joseph, Protestant federation
Jacques Bernarand Marie Herolle Michel, Business sector

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (4)

Cheria says...

@la belle kreyo...

ou pa ka di yon mot san Martelly pas soti nan bouch ou..Ou poko wer kler toujou makome?

Martelly pat partait mem se pa janm li mem ki te pwoblem lan. Ayiti se yon kanse...

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Herman says...

Looking much better than before everyone has a representative good luck

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La Belle Kreyol says...

Se pou yo creye yon group ki pou re-evalye eleksyon 25 oktob la, avan yo pense al lan dezièm tou a. Si yo jwen ke Martelli te volè vwa lot kandida pou kandida pa'l la, se pou yo mete Jovenel deyo. Pwen

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Ismail Succes Jb says...

I think they should have already start working on the election.

I feel like this shirt therm preSident is going to lead the country to some trouble on our public

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