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Asking those in power in Haiti now to hold Free and Fair elections is like asking the Sun to Shine at Midnight

Andre Michel and his pals made every attempt to get rid of President Jovenel Moise The UN Security Council continues to ask Haitian political leaders to get together and allow for the organization of free, fair and credible legislative and presidential elections in Haiti. They are singing to deaf ears. They are asking the sun to shine at midnight. more »

How easy would it be for president martelly to campaign should he run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise?

Haiti President Martelly and Candidate Jovenel Moise All throughout the presidency of Jovenel Moise, former president Michel Martelly has always been a target of the opposition for fear that if he comes back as a candidate he would be a force to be reckoned with. But now that president Jovenel is dead by assassination, how easy do you think it would be for president martelly to campaign, should he decide to run for president after the death of Jovenel Moise? more »

Change in Haiti Elections: President Jovenel Moise wants partial results two hours after the elections

Haiti Elections - Pierre Louis Opont ap VOTE In Haiti, the people have to wait over a month for elections results. President Jovenel want to change that. The President wants the Electoral Council (CEP) to now proclaim the partial results two hours after the elections. more »

Haiti Question : SI Election fet Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT?

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti POLL Question :: Si Election fèt Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT? --- If there presidential electios was held today between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, who do you think would president? more »

Haiti Elections - 8 of 9 sectors choose their representative for New Electoral Council (CEP)

Jumpstarting the CEP Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) is taking shape... eight out of nine sectors have already chosen their representive to represent them at the new CEP. Only the Trade Union sector (le secteur syndical) remains... more »

Haiti Elections - NO APOLOGIES from the Electoral Council (CEP)

Haiti CEP - KEP Can you believe this? The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) comes out in a press conference to tells the media AND the people of Haiti to go online for election results... It's 8:53pm, their web site is still down and NO ONE from the CEP has said a word... Not on Twitter, Not on Facebook, Not even on Haitian Radio... WOW... more »

Haiti's elections this year are the largest and most complex in recent memory

Steeve Khawly, Junior Jiha - Bouclier Election Campaign Hinche Haiti Haiti's elections this year are the largest and most complex in recent memory, and questions are still swirling over whether the country's electoral commission, formed in January, will be able to pull it off without major complications. more »

Haiti Politics - Bombshell article reveals USAID Funded Martelly Rise to Power

BREAKING NEWS : Aljaseera has just released a bombshell article revealing that USAID paid nearly $100,000 to a Haitian political movement with close ties to President Michel Martelly to thrust him into power shortly after the U.S. pushed to kick Jude Celestin out of the 2010 election... more »

Haiti Elections - US Ambassador Pamela White hopes for Elections in July

Haiti Elections - USA Ambassador Pamela White is hoping for Elections in July 2015... This is the best option the ambassador said during a meeting with six of the remaining Haitian Senators... more »

Haiti Presidential Elections - Who is Presidential with less than a year to go?

QUESTION: Who will the the Next Democratically ELECTED President of Haiti? Who is presidential? Can you name three (3) good Haitian presidential candidates you can think of for the next presidential elections? more »