Haiti Dialogue: Jovenel Moise stepping down is NOT on the negotiating table, Prime Minister said

Haitian politicians are talking about dialogue but what some of them really want is for president Jovenel to resign. Does the dialogue include the departure of President Jovenel from power? Prime Minister Henry Ceant replies.

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target)
President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target)

"The dialogue has to lead to a political accord," Ceant said, "a pact of governability for the country, that's what we need."

An accord "that can take into account the resignation of President Jovenel Moise and the end of this government?" a journalist asked during an interview in Tele Metropole Monday.

Henry Ceant replied:

"We cannot put Jovenel Moise in it because Jovenel Moise was elected and chosen by the people of Haiti. The dialogue can be done on every other thing that can allow Jovenel Moise to run the country more effectively but we cannot add his departure in it."

"But some political actors, this is what they want in order to sit down and talk in this dialogue."

"If you agree to enter into a dialogue, you have to be flexible," The prime minister replied.

Question: Will Moise Jean Charles, Andre Michel, and Schiller Louidor be flexible in this proposed dialogue? After all, it is clear, they want nothing to do with President Jovenel Moise.

What do you think about that?

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Gerry says...

I would like to see a sincere dialogue between all parties including ME, YOU & ALL the people for a better Haiti; however I am not in favor of this masquerade that we are witnessing every now and then: a savoir fok li ale; pa gen negosyasyon.

We get to learn to sit and wait for our

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Gros Bouda says...

Clair, Net, Simple et Precis.

la position du PM a cette phase de la vie nationale .Le dialogue devrait profiter pour savoir les plans de l'opposition pour une amelioration des conditions de vie du peuple haitien ...et voir que Zero X Zero ba ou ZERO ...Simple constatation en la Patrie

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Subject: Haiti Dialogue: Jovenel Moise stepping down is NOT on the negotiating table, Prime Minister said edit

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