Haiti - Anti Government Manifestation in the Streets Saturday

There is an anti government protest happening in Haiti this Saturday, 10 Jan 2015... The latest news reports suggest that this protest was interrupted by the police...

Haiti Senateur Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation au Cap Haitien

According to to a brief news reports we heard on Radio Zenith FM, Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles was one of the leaders of the Manifestation...

Moise said: "Nou pa nan kesyon negotiation, nou pap rantre nan Gouvenman" (We will not negotiate, we will not be a part of the new Government)

The opposition is still steadfast on forcing Martelly to leave office.

What do you think about that?

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Joan says...

FOLIE pardonne yo paske yo pagen nam nan corps yo e ni mewl nan cervo

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Lacrem says...

Foli pwan moun tout Jan.min senatè moyiz Jan chal c rage li ginyen.

Fok yo bal piki

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Toto Sanpwel says...

Haiti...Les sénateurs de l'opposition au President Dumarsais Estimé sont à la base du coup d'Etat du 10 Mai 1950 contre l'un des gouvernements les plus progressistes de l'histoire d'Haiti ...L'Histoire !...quelle

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Joseph Charles says...

Story will repeat just after a decades but our leaders know already they will be again the perpetual lost like in 2004 when Aristide left the power.

They have no self thinking.

No programm for the new generation.

Why don't they go all in

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Franck says...

When do Haitians will recognize America control Haiti.

That is all i am

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David Grant says...

There have been so many protestation in Haiti, it is difficult to pinpoint the whys behind them.
However, one may asked whether the police has given the the permission to take up to the street.Otherwise, it is illegal, and the police has the right to abort them.
Has there been any analysis which to these protestations; this is almost chaotic.

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