There have been so many protestation in Haiti, it is difficult...

David Grant - January 10 2015, 4:12 PM

There have been so many protestation in Haiti, it is difficult to pinpoint the whys behind them.
However, one may asked whether the police has given the the permission to take up to the street.Otherwise, it is illegal, and the police has the right to abort them.
Has there been any analysis which to these protestations; this is almost chaotic.

Has those politicians the interest of the country at hearth?

These politicians are just leading the populace to protest without telling them the reason why.
Have they forgotten that they were elected by the people to serve them .Why can't they meet with government, stake their demands, and try to reach a solution suitable to them all and then report the people if an agreement can not be reached and then, resort to protest
Protest with no no dialogue is only for nincompoops..

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