Haiti : 7 Fevrier 1986 - 7 Fevrier 2015 - Where are we now?

This Saturday, 7 February 2015, marks 29 years since Dictator Jean-Claude 'Babydoc' Duvalier left Haiti and the country was on the road to democracy... 29 years later... Have we achieved that democracy that we all love to talk about? How is Haiti doing?

Haiti Caricature - 7 Fevrier pou Aristide, Preval, Duvalier ak Martelly

KREYOL: Haiti Reflexsyon - 7 Fevrier 1986 - 7 Fevrier 2015... 29 lane aprè nou dechouke Diktatè Jean Claude 'Bebidòk' Duvalier... Eske nou gen DEMOKRASI tout bon vre? Ki kote nou ye? Kisa nou akonpli an tan ke peyi? an tan ke pèp? Bay opinion w sou sa...

Haiti has seen lots of politicians talk about democracy, we blame everybody but ourselves -- BLAN sesi, blan sela -- for the fact that the county is stuck in neutral and our so called leaders are pulling her in every direction but FORWARD.

29 years since Haitians got together to get rid of this "brutal dicator" what have we accomplished as a nation?

I really want to hear your opinion about this...

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Emmanuella Vincent says...

Surely a lot has been done we're on the road of democracy we were able to have Michel Martelly on Power picked by the people, marches all the times freedom of speech we have come a long way and whether they want it or not we're are going

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Galujo Charles says...

I think we should measure democratic realisations after 2/7/86 by the visions we, as nation, had when we fought the dictatorship.

What did we want to accomplish?

What were our goals and objectives?

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Toto Sanpwel says...

En Haiti, cé politik ki bay travail ...lé a gin travail, bagay o a pi bon ...Cà c opinion pa mwin ...opinion

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Hans Andre Dorce says...

The biggest problem of Haiti is that most Haitians do not take responsibility for their failure.The well to do {10-20%}do not really want to help the poor ones to get better.The great majority of the poor Haitians{80-90%}is not fighting much for a better life and would prefer leave the country if they could.

NOBODY WILL FIX HOME FOR YOU...so it is useless to blame outsiders for this state of things.


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Rose says...

I like how you say that.tout tan se blanc se blanc yo di ki ap kraze peyi a yo pa we se sot yo ki fe peyi ap kraze.menm si se ta blanc vre ou menm ki pran kob nan min yo pouw kraze peyi se paske se sot ou

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