I think we should measure democratic realisations after 2/7/86...

Galujo Charles - February 7 2015, 2:54 PM

I think we should measure democratic realisations after 2/7/86 by the visions we, as nation, had when we fought the dictatorship.

What did we want to accomplish?

What were our goals and objectives?

Clearly we were fighting for freedom of speech.

And that we have to resell to other countries.

What we have done with it is another question.

Like everything we have in ths country, we wasted it in "voye monte" without control.

Besides freedom of speech, there were no other goals, no other vision.

Gregoire Eugene even said, after 2/7/86, that no one could take legitimate responsibility for this event.

The regime fell because it was completely rotten and the political leaders were not ready at all for any changes whatsoever.

And worse, we are still today at the same point we were back in 2/7/86, if not lower...

The country needs people with visions, not political "bouzens".

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