Former Wyclef Supporters Now Endorse Jude Celestin For President

When Wyclef Jean was running for president, he was backed by 'Jen Kore Jen' , a grass-roots youth movement in Haiti. The latest news is that the Haitian youth movement plans to support candidate Jude Celestin for president.

So now the question is...

Is Wyclef Jean endorsing Jude Celestin?

Here is what Wyclef said to the Miami Herald on this issue:

"Jèn Kore Jèn was one of the minimal forces that did an alliance with Fas a Fas, If they feel whatever candidate they chose is going to work for them, they have to do that. Myself and my movement, Fas a Fas, what we are trying to do, it's bigger than Jèn Kore Jèn....I don't see it going downhill from here."

Wyclef did say 'minimal'...

Nan lang titid, sa vle di... "Yon ti minorite tou ZWIT..."

What do you think about that?

How big is Jen Kore Jen and are they big enough to swing the Haiti elections?

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Mjb says...

You need to be quiet and do research, Wyclef is a musician with little education, he is a resident of a rich country, he is himsef rich pose tet ou on sel kestion pou yon neg rich tankou Wyclef pa gin ideal pou'l fe adukation li, eske repreznatan aytian sipoze on neg sot pou li ka

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Mjb says...

"Jen kore jen if they were wyclef supporters they should'nt endorse Jude Celestin".However, Jude Celestin's education in 100x better than the millionnaire Wyclef Jean.That's why Jen kore Jen switched camp.They did not kmow the million dollars man was a drop out student.

Haitian people watch out, not every millionaire has an

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Joseph says...

I believed wiclef choose the best candidate.due to the fact Jude Celestin prove himself to be a doer not a talker.

Think tank would agreed one has to walk beside a winner as predicted by

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Haiti Pap Peri says...

jen kore jen they was never wyclef supporters if they was they would not endorse jude celestin anmweww gade preval ap achte moun pou celestin anmwewww haiti

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Amos Delisnor says...

I want the haitian people to know one thing, if Jude celestin some how win the election it might be the end of this litle piece of land by the name of Haiti.

We can't have a five more years of

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Tobi says...

This is not true. Wyclef never said for people to vote for Jude Celestin.

The person who is running the rumors said it was a wyclef "SUPPORTER" not Wyclef ok.

Now, if it is indeed a Wyclef "SUPPORTER".

Wyclef has no control over any voter.

That would be that supporter's

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Betinajeanmary says...


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Tobi says...

Lady it says Wyclef's "SUPPORTER" not Wyclef himself.

Please read these thing

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Marie Janty says...

Why would Wyclef supports the same person who booted him out?

If Wyclef supports Jude Celestin, it will be suicidal for him to run 5 years from now. He will be tinted and be considered part of the corruption gang.
It is up to him. If he is smart, he would stay away from it all for

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