FLASH - Haiti Election Results To Be Given Tonight at 9pm

Haiti's electoral council (CEP) may wait until 9:00pm tonight to release the election results. However, the Haitian media is already on standby and waiting...

This is according to a radio station in Haiti.

The thinking behind this decision to release the results later tonight is that Haiti is in a state of tension at the moment and they fear that there may be massive demonstrations in Haiti once the results are released.

9:00pm or later will prevent that from happening; at least for today.

One commentator in the radio station mentioned that, if the results are already known, then why is the CEP waiting until later tonight to release them?

The other point he brought up is what if they results released by the CEP does not reflect what the Haitian believe to be true?

Some valid questions, don't you think?

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Guy Comeau says...

Rest assured that the "result" will not be Martelli or Mrs. Manigat.

They would have posted the "result" otherwise.

They are afraid to tell it to the public because they know people will not be happy with it. They later in the day, they gave the final decision to the public, the better it is for them. They think people will have the night to think things over and simmer down a bit during the night.


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Big Dada says...

UN are on our soil because of our imbecile, ignorant, disunity, stupid actions and uncivilising things that we have done. we will face some more natural catastrophes and it will be worse for us because there is no love, no reconciliation, no unity, no peace in haiti.

The one who qualify himself or themselve to be leader then it seems they don't have nothing in their brain but only hatred action that they plan to fulfill.

since when we started fight to boycott or to destroy or to chase people on power.all of them are criminal and they do not know who is the creator.but alas! innocent will pay for the bad one.All of them should die during the earthquake and an other creature would enter in that hell land. pardon God and have pity for them cause they don't know what they are

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Jonest Elmond says...

I have no problem at all if the United Nations leaving Haiti as soon as possible because I have not seen what they are doing there

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