Claude Joseph did nothing wrong, the Dominican Republic is just better at hiding their criminal side than we are

Haiti is in reality TV mode, all our problems are right out front for everyone to see. Can we compare ourselves to the Dominican Republic who is promoting tourism and hiding the fact that their country is infested with crime and corruption?

The Tweet by Haiti Ministre Claude Joseph that pissed off the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is in the process of nation-building.

Haiti, unfortunately, is in self-destruct mode.

That being said, anyone who's lived in the Dominican Republic knows that they are a lot of criminal activities happening on the other side of the island. The Dominican Republic's governing body does a great job at keeping the news local instead of on international news pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times like Haiti is doing so well right now.

Unlike the DR, Haiti does not have a ruling body who makes it their duty to preserve and protect the interest of the Republic. Instead, we have hungry little men in government seeking to enrich themselves. F*** the Republic.

Haiti Chancellor Claude Joseph is correct about crimes in the Dominican Republic

Should we blame the Dominican Republic for hiding and not showcasing crime in their country but instead promoting business, tourism and what is good about the country?

No we should not.

The crime rate in the United States is higher than the crime rate in Haiti but CNN and Fox News does not spend their entire day broadcasting live From the ghetto where crime is rampant.

The Haitian media thinks they are the 4th power and that gives them the right to do anything for a buzz. The Haitian media has turned our gang leaders into Superstars like Bonnie and Clyde.

The Haitian media will not suppress any information that are damaging to the image of the Republic of Haiti. They do not care about that and there is no entity in place to keep some form of control over them for the sake of our nation.

Shooting, murders and violent crimes have increased tenfold in Chicago. The crime rate in Chicago in 2021 is the worst it's been since 1996. But that is not what the United States is all about.

Haiti these days is all about crime and violence and rape and murder and kidnapping. This is all that people talk about and the fact that our leaders, our governing body cannot or refuse to do something about it.

Criminal activities happens everywhere in every country around the world, in Haiti, in the Dominican Republic and in the United States.

However, in Haiti right now the criminals rule.

If we cannot fix that, if we cannot keep these criminals at Bay, rich or poor criminals, if we cannot contain the criminal activities that is happening in this country, then we cannot call ourselves a country. We cannot compare ourselves to other countries.

We have lost that ability.

That being said, the Dominican Republic reacted swiftly to the Tweet by Claude Joseph, Haiti's Minister of Foreign Affairs, because they want to protect their facade as a nice little Nation that tourists should continue to visit.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps we should start doing the same thing: Create a facade to show the world all is well in paradise and practice the old Haitian saying "rad sal se an fanmi ou lave sa".

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Subject: Claude Joseph did nothing wrong, the Dominican Republic is just better at hiding their criminal side than we are edit

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