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The Dominican Republic is not playing with Haiti in matters of border security

Dominican Soldiers guarding their borders with Haiti from atop a mountain in Elias Pina While the Haitian government is trying to build back their military, the Dominican Ministry of Defense is taking total control of their side of the border with Haiti. more »

Haiti Senate President Joseph Lambert in the Dominican Republic for medical reasons

Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert? Rumors spread on Social Media Haitian Senate president Joseph Lambert was rushed to the hospital in the Dominican Republic after he had a heart attack during a meeting with President Jovenel Moise. While Senator Lambert denies the rumors in a tweet Monday, he did admit, he is in the Dominican Republic for a medical check up. more »

SCANDAL at the Haitian Embassy in DR : Dominicans issued Haitian passports for easy travel to Chile

Haitian Passport Repiblik D Haiti Paspo There is a big scandal at the Haitian embassy in the Dominican Republic. Members of the diplomatic staff have been issuing Haitian passports to Dominican citizens to facilitate their travel to Chile. more »

FLASH: Six Haitians shot by Dominican soldiers at the border with Belladere

PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers at Haiti-Dominican Border Bad news from the Haiti-Dominican Border at Belladere... There were exchanges of gunfire between Haitian civilians and Dominican soldiers on the Haitian side of the border where six Haitian were wounded... more »

Haitian General Henri NAMPHY to be buried in the Dominican Republic Sunday

Henri Namphy, Haitian Army General, former President of Haiti Lieutenent General Henry NAMPHY, former Haitian army general and ex President of Haiti, will be buried Sunday, 01 July 2018, at the Cristo Redentor cemetery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic at 4:00pm. more »

Dominican senator accused of ripping off Haiti sanctioned by Trump administration

Felix Bautista, Dominican Senator accused of ripping off Haiti Dominican Republic senator Félix Ramon Bautista Rosario, accused of making millions of dollars in Haiti from reconstruction projects after the earthquake that he never completed, has been sanctioned by the Trump administration for engaging in corrupt acts related to the rebuilding of Haiti. more »

The Queen of Spain to build a hospital for Haitians, IN the Dominican Republic???

Like Forrest Gump says: And that's all I have to say about that!!! This the kind of news that make you say WTF!!! But I don't make the news!!! --- Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz who recently visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic promises to build a hospital to serve Haitians but, she is going to build it in the Dominican Republic. more »

VIDEO: Rafael Trujillo's grandson Ramfis wants build a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Rafael Trujillo's grandson Ramfis wants build a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic Watch this video... The grandson of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic who carried out the Haitian Parsley Massacre, says he will build a wall from north to south of the Haiti-Dominican border to separate the Dominican Republic from Haiti if he is elected president in 2020... more »

Dominican Senator says Haiti's new Army is a threat to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Senator Adriano Sanchez Dominican Senator Adriano Sanchez Roa says the army that Haiti intends to create poses a threat to the island and to the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti - President Privert Denies he went to the Hospital in the Domincan Republic

President Jocelerme Privert Making his Point While Dominican newspapers are reporting the Haiti interim president Jocelerme Privert was spotted at a Hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the president is says it's a lie... more »