ARISTIDE Wants to Come Back to Haiti - Passport Application DENIED!

BREAKING NEWS - Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has just been denied a Haitian passport. The president, in exile in Africa, attempted to obtain a new passport from Haitian authorities to COME BACK to HAITI but his application was REJECTED.

What??? Duvalier can... and Aristide canNOT... or does he have to wait 25 years?

This information came from Brian Concannon, a lawyer who is following the case closely.

Lawyer Brian Concannon says...

Mr. Aristide "has requested a renewal of his passport in order to return to Haiti. The Haitian government has opposed the renewal...

Aristide has the right to return to his country, but he was forbidden... At last, he is South Africa without a passport to come back"

Bon Fout! Me Li!

Kileu Raoul Cedras ap voye application pa-l la LOLZ...

QUESTION... a toi (3) Volet...

Do you believe that President Aristide should come back in Haiti? Will he? Will that make Haiti better?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-y, don't let Agent-x know where your address is because he will give you pelebrin he will even kill the ants in your house to makes sure he gets you off this planet.

He is a devoted Aristide agent and he is a maniac.

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Agent-y says...

Feminbekou Says...

HAITI VODOO: ARISTIDE AND THE BABY - Friday October 15, 2010
Sacrificing of a new born baby in order to keep President Jean Bertrand Aristide in power

21:30 Hours, March 5, 2000.


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Tande Koze says...

Titid di se pa vre ke se pale yap pale selman
Min meznmi gin de bagay pou mun tande nan la vi sa'a
cheke sa yun marke sou net la kap couri bwi nan la

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France), 28 mai 2011

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Les Dirigeants

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Nut, go suck an egg, thief.

Neg ti mache, neg tibe, vole

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France).

mardi 3 mai 2011

Dangers sur la

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Jean Pierre Duval says...

Aristide pat janme gen on programme pour ede Haitisorti nan trou li ye au contraire li ce youn nan kok mort ki tue et ki fini ak peyi saa jodiaa li jis besoin vini pou satisfair egoiste li- ce pa anyin lap ka fe ni lap vine

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Mike says...

Last time I check I believe Aristide was a citizen of Haiti and he still is, I do not understand the debate whether or not a naturally born citizen of Haiti is outside of his homeland begging his brothers and sisters to come back home and denied a passport not by Haitian but by our neighbors; The same neighbors who will never allow such thing to take place in their own country.

We are a nation of idiots and we continue to

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