Jean Claude Duvalier Going Back To His Hotel Room?

I just received a text message that says "Jean Claude Duvalier is going back to his hotel room, he will meet with the press later"

What is that all about?

I also heard that he was brought in for questioning at the parquet, he was not under arrest.

What have you heard?

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Genevieve Schiefer says...

What is going on in our small island.

I see JCD is back unbelievable.

But then again nothing is surprising when talking about politics in Haiti.

What is doing in Haiti?

What is going

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David Grant says...

Your theory of a plot concocted by the Haitian Judiciary and Mr. Jean Claude Duvlier astounds me. Nevertheless, I think it is plausible; knowing the sort of officials we have at the helm of the country.

I will not put it past them to be engaged in such a wheeling and dealing.

However, there is some loose end that perplexed me. What relationship is there between

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Ronald Altieri says...


Do not get me wrong, but i had to use your message as a springboard.

It is hard to measure wealth; some say to be of good health is the greatest treasure, while others say that it to be loved and to give love.

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Mizeliah says...

Oneluv! well said my

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David Grant says...

There is a belief that the reason why Mr.Jean Claude Duvalier has returned to

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David Grant says...

I hope Mr. Will Smith does not have to face a case of

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James Paul says...

Listen forget about the pass.Your generation destroyed the country all you guys do burn people alive, zinglindo,kidnaping, manifestation every week. Remember house divided can not

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Josyjazzyjejoy says...

i am shocked to hear reports that my generation would rather Duvalier to be presidents after all that he has done to the country.

This man left Haiti so many years while he and his wife enjoyed the wealth of the people in luxurious living...why has he waited now to add alcohol to an open wound let Haiti heal in peace...the palace is no more those dictating days are also no

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Sesalye says...

Mr. Smith, thank you for your comment.

But you know what's funny: "Jean Claude is getting more publicity and attention than the actual president and the cep put together - to say nothing of the 19 presidential candidates.

Haitian Politics - go

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Claude says...

The arrest of JCD is a case (as francois used to say) monkeys monkeying

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