Arrest Jean-Claude Duvalier, Human Rights Groups Are Saying

Human Rights groups are calling for the immediate arrest of ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier who has been in Haiti since Monday.

The Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) and the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) are calling on the Haitian government to comply with the laws of the land and arrest president Duvalier immediately.

They believe that the value a should be prosecuted for his crimes which, they say, includes misappropriation of funds and human rights violations.


Are they and the legal warrants against president Duvalier in Haiti?

Can he be arrested?

Should he be arrested?

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Ronald Altieri says...

Mr. Sergo Jean,

I thank you for your 'mind-stimulating'.

I am certain that our ancestors are very proud of you - their spirits rejoiced in your intuitiveness.

I do not applaud often, Brother Sergo, but i applaud you in the d your spirit.

"Continie plante, sa kap vini'yo va recolte"

Ton frere spirituel,

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Sergo Jean says...

I support that topic, but I hope the support the return of the former president Aristide pou menm bagay la tout. Pa blie pou yo di President Preval poul pa kite peyi a paske li viole doua humen tout. et mwen ta renmen yo panche sou UN tou kote troup li yo pote Cholera ki touye anpil mounn an Haiti, le yo viole article 8-1 de notre constitution ki di ke :The territory of the Haitian Republic is inviolable and may not be alienated either in whole or in part, by any treaty or convention.It's a crime article 21 .-The crime of high treason consists in bearing arms in a foreign army against the republic, serving a foreign nation in a conflict with the republic, in any official's stealing state property, in trusted to his management or any violation of the constitution by those responsible for enforcing it. Anpil Haitien mouri san rezon, cholera, kidnaping,biznis detwi nan peyi a, elecsyon magouy, et tout bagay sa yo fet sou je UN an Haiti mwen menm an tan ke Haitien mwen bezwen repons e gen anpil lot Haitien ki bezwen repons.mwen swete nou al devan la justice haitienne pou acuze Jean Claude Duvalier avec prev nou yo e yon jou, mwen swete nou Haitien nap ka canpe pou al defann doua nou tou devan yon tribinal pou acuze tout group e organizasyon internasyonal ki viole notre constitution an Haiti.mwen swete biro sa organize le vite ke posib pou la justice ka fe rout li san pati pri pou ocun mounn ou peyi paske yo rich. Le sa pral gen la paix.Map di nou Haiti de 1971 a 1986 mwen te connen an te mie ke Haiti 1990 a 2011 ki gen tout Cominote internasyonal la ki invol nan sa cap pase an Haiti.yon $ 1 US te egal a 5 gourdes Haitien, te gen securite, couran,bon dlo pou boue, la rue yo te prop, nou mache le nou vle nan nuit, nou te viv tankou mounn e lot peyi te respecte nou an tan ke mounn, te gen anpil tourist ki antre an Haiti.

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Josy says...

My answer is where the hell where you when shit hit the fan?

No where!

Only GOD is

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Joseph Ledoux says...

he belong in jail domt play with him he was a verry bad guy in haiti after president rene preval he should be next....we should be investigate all the money rene preval

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Marie Elie says...

you are right Selina.Just leave him along please.

Nobody is perfect.


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Selina says...

I don't think that he should be arrested at all after 25 years of exiled, i think that he had paid for his crimes already.

He said that he came in to help, so let him do that because that's his Country too. Nobody's perfect, so leave the man alone or why don't we put our heads together and go

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Marjorie Middy says...

Jean Claude Duvalier should not have been arrested.

I truly feel sorry for those people who lost love ones during that tumultuous Duvalier era. My heart goes out to you people, notably Michelle Montas and co. who were promoting free speech for all....

HOWEVER, I don't believe that UN has the right to TELL the Haitian Government what to do with our past government officials.

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Moe says...

i think we should let him go..

cause you guys don't have no prove of this money...

i think President preval doing all this. to make him look like his doing

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Ronald Altieri says...

Not too long ago some were demanding that the US President George Bush should stand trial in the World Court as a War Criminal.

Just the other day some were saying that President Obama should be impeached because he is ruining the economy of United States.

Over 2000 years ago some cried "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!", because some thought that he was an evil blasphemer.

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Fabienne Brutus Chiocchio says...

i don't think he should be arrested or judge these things happened decade ago, my dad was tonton macoute so i think Jean Caude not the only one need to bring to judgment because he was not the criminal but instead Aristide.

he came in power as a priest in less than a year he has one million dollar where these money came from lol. the true is everyone of the presidents after him. they burned our house every haitians were victime and still victime at some

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