PHOTO: Candidat Jean-Henry Ceant di li pwal "20 Coeur"

PHOTO: Candidat Jean-Henry Ceant di li pwal

Gade photo saa... Haiti Elections - Candidat pou president Jean-Henry Ceant di li ki pwal "20 Coeur" paske li renmen Haiti

Kisa ou panse de sa?

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Carl Mwen kwe ke se li ki pral prezidan.Nou bezwen Ceant pou peyi ya ka jwen trankilite
Reply · June 17 at 4:37 PM
Romeo mpase lap passe... nou bezwen on chanjman...
Reply · June 11 at 10:53 AM
Janvier Alix Dapre sa kandida a di c li memn pou 2016 la ki 20
Reply · June 10 at 9:25 AM

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