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RE: Question: Is Haitian president Jovenel Moise loosing his credibility?

Jovenel Moise nan palè sa a toujou? more »

RE: Haiti - Evans Paul : 5 Reasons Why I endorsed JOVENEL MOISE?

Well said and done, Mr. Jovenel Moise has show his love for his Country and his people by doing things by the Book. Why not vote for this person... more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti Elections - Former PM Evans Paul Endorses Jovenel Moise for President

No More to add to this statement, Haitian get out there and place your (X) Jovenel Moise in Oct, 2016 without fear. more »

RE: Haiti Campaign Trail - JOVENEL Moise Fills Up a Gymnasium in Cap-Haitien

ou fin pale wi Patrick Princivil!! Pou le moman, se Jovenel Moise kap travay, se li map apiye epidat7! more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Will Win In The First Round, Willot Joseph Said

I'm totaly agree with comment And I believe that at %/% My president Jovenel Moise will be winned.Because he's the only one the most popular among... more »

RE: President Jovenel Moise will Address the Nation of Haiti this Tuesday Night

Jovenel Moise two méchant, lè lajistis rési mété men sou-li, sé pou you kondané-l avi travo forsé. more »

RE: Haiti - US Ambassador Peter Mulrean says: Election Tet Dwat!

@Jean Romulus-have you seen the insane crowd that Jovenel Moise is pulling? Those people also voted dear. They are not in the streets, instead they... more »

RE: Haiti president Jovenel Moise criticized for giving a new car to an 8-year-old girl after she danced on stage (video)

hi woodring, how old do you have to be to be allowed to drive in Haiti? jovenel moise seemed to be psychologically normal balanced so far. Now i... more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - Farah Juste ARRESTED in Florida for Protesting against Jovenel Moise

Ou nan peyi a lontan madanm pou w'ap fè erè sa a. Te gen youn ki te fèt NY la a san pwoblèm, kont menm Jovenel Moise sa a. more »

Haiti Politique - Le président Jovenel Moise at-il réussi ou échoué sa première année au pouvoir?

Déjà, les médias haïtiens parlent du président Jovenel Moise et de sa première année au pouvoir. A-t-il... more »