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Dominica prepared for possible cholera outbreak

According to ominicanewsonline-com on 25 July 2012,Health Minister Julius Timothy has given the assurance that Dominica has a more »

Boukman and Petion may be considered the alpha and omega of the revolution;

According to lasentinel-net on 26 July 2012, TRIBUTE TO INDEPENDENCE more »

Another coup for Sophie Martelly: involved in a shady arms deals

According to haitian-truth-org on 28 July 2012, ANOTHER COUP FOR SOPHIE: NEW SCANDAL OF CORRUPTION! $12,000,000 for what could been purchased retail... more »

Swapping Haiti lives: Interview on US Haiti Exploits

According to on 26 July 2012, July 25, 2012 interview Jeff Blankfort host of Takes on the World interviews Ezili Dant more »

The power of Cuba's free healthcare

According to aljazeera-com on 27 July 2012,article by Belen Fernandez, Since the revolution in 1959 Cuba has sent more than 185,000 health... more »

Bahamians In Haitian Jail Over Stolen Plane

According to bahamasb2b-com Posted By Tribune 242 On 20 Jul 2012, Bahamian officials are in talks with the Haitian government over the return of a... more »

Haitian President Outraged at State of Citadel

According to globalheritagefund-org on 24 July 2012, The Citadelle Laferri more »

'I was drugged in US embassy bar and raped' claims Irish woman

Veyez zo nou Ak zinglindo sa yo ki pa respecter lois international. HHHHHHHHHHHHHH According to irishcentral-com on 27 July 2012,An Irish woman has... more »

Blackwater, aka Xe Services, aka Academi.-Our Other Assassination Program

According to emptywheel-net on 27 June 2012 article by emptywheel, Our Other Assassination Program: Mafia Hitmen Hidden from Congress. As part of my... more »

Blackwater,Monsanto enforcement against farmers and possible use of drones

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder According to on 04 August 2009 article by Jeremy Scahill This article appeared in the August... more »

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